Skye Botanicals Fuzzy Blue Blanket Natural Perfume Review

Skye Botanicals Fuzzy Blue Blanket

Fuzzy Blue Blanket by Skye Botanicals is a natural perfume created to smell like the summers at Martha’s Vineyard. Fuzzy Blue Blanket does bring to mind summer afternoons, but the cuddly base reminds me of being covered with a cashmere throw on a cool fall evening.

Fuzzy Blue Blanket is a cozy blend of grassy chamomile, sunny florals and a bittersweet mocha. The chamomile gets more hay-like and this mixes with a wet, dewy rose. And the linden reminds me of dewy, honeyed clover. This part does remind me of hazy, lazy summer afternoons – sunny and warm. My favorite part of Fuzzy Blue Blanket happens about an hour to two hours into the wear. This fragrance really does become soft and cuddly. It’s this warm “skin” musk, think warm clean skin with a bit of salt, pair that with warm, sultry vanilla and powdery orris. The overall feel really is “fuzzy”, soft and like a long embrace…with chest hairs tickling your nose. Fuzzy Blue Blanket is the best “skin” scent that I’ve smelled (as of this date). I’m clumping it in with synths, mix-media and all-naturals. The base is heavenly. And trust me, a base like this will only get better with age/time.

Rock Hudson

Notes include linden blossoms from Martha’s Vineyard, blue chamomile, white rose, coffee flowers, musk roses, rhododendrons, antique musk, ambergris, Costa Rican vanilla, iris root and violet leaves. Launch date 2010.

Give Fuzzy Blue Blanket a try if you like powdery “skin” scents. Or if you like perfumes like Prada Infusion d’Iris EDP, The Body Shop White Musk, Ulrich Lang Lightscape, Humiecki & Graef Geste and/or Parfums DelRae Mythique. I find Fuzzy Blue Blanket unisex. I also find it seasonless; however, I wore it mostly during cool, rainy autumn days in Seattle.

Fuzzy Blue Blanket wears closely to the skin. Because of the base notes, this all-natural fragrance has above average longevity.

The 1/4 oz perfume retails for $84 at Skye Botanicals. *Updated to include that this is also available in an EDP available on etsy that retails for under $50.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONHazy dry floral over this exceptional “skin” musk, soft and comforting. If you like powdery, soft fragrances you will want to try this. I also would recommend it if you are looking for a natural version of “white musk”.

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*Sample provided by Skye Botanicals. I am not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Skye Botanicals. Rock Hudson pic from

11 thoughts on “Skye Botanicals Fuzzy Blue Blanket Natural Perfume Review

    1. I’m on a linden kick too. I love those honeyed florals.

      I was in a phase and now I’m feeling exploratory too. I need to stay away from blogs or LuckyScent will be getting all of my monies too 😉

    1. It doesn’t “dazzle” like Lightscape but it has that same classic iris feel. The base of this is gorgeous.

    1. Small scale, excellent ingredients. Samples are expensive too but a little goes far with this one.

      And yes we can dream. And as James Dean once said, “Dream as you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today”. 😉

  1. A summer day in Martha’s Vineyard, then as it develops a long embrace with a cashmere throw (or something better, even)? Sounds like a wonderful composition. I need to order samples sometime – she has some very unique sounding creations, and I know that my scent twin Tarleisio is a fan of her work too, so yeah. What am I waiting for? 🙂

    1. Tarleisio is the person that I first heard about this one from! Not too long ago she commented on social media that her little guy (who isn’t so little anymore) still loves this one. Kids has good tastes like his mom.

      I hate to say it, but the heavenly quality comes from that real, aged musk. I realize people may not be comfortable with that. I’ve sniffed a few vintage deer musks in my day and they’re unbelievably beautiful. Monica actually added to the beauty. This ins’t a perfume that is beautiful because of one expensive, rare note. She highlighted it with other fancy, expensive notes 😉

  2. Fuzzy Blue Blanket is also as an EDP for $48 / full ounce and samples on my ETSY!

    Thank you soooo much for this sweet review Victoria! And love your fuzzy blue manly thing! honestly I made this perfume when I was **searching** and your image fits exactly the sentiment!!!

    1. Oh, check that out Erin!

      Thank you for adding the link, Monica. I forgot about the shop!

      When you were looking and now you’ve found that man? 😉 Goes back to why we should dream. It works.

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