Shelley Kyle Sorella EDP Perfume Review

Shelley Kyle Sorella

I always say that your fragrance tastes don’t necessarily change with time, but they expand. My blog will turn six years old in month. I have so many posts documenting my perfume likes and dislikes. And it’s safe to say that my perfume tastes have expanded, especially over the past two years. I’ve found myself less drawn to “moody” amber scents and more drawn to florals than ever. I’m wearing more and more perfumes like Shelley Kyle Sorella, a dewy feminine floral.

Sorella smells like a flower market. It has crisp greens, dewiness and flower buds in all of their glorious splendor. “Green” roses and “naturally” fruity, peachy white florals paired with crisp, dewy violet leaves. In the copy, the brand uses the word “watercolors”. This word sticks with me throughout my sampling of this perfume. Sorella is a floral fragrance painted in watercolor. It’s sheer, dewy. And it’s in “soft focus”. This is a spring flower market painted in watercolors. The dry-down is a soft musk.

I’ve found myself wearing more and more “cool” florals, so I fell in love with Sorella at first sniff. I realize that many people don’t want to smell literally like flowers. At this time in my life, I do. I don’t expect others to love Sorella as much as do, but I’m attracted to the delicacy of this perfume. After years and years of wearing “heavy” scents, I’m ready to lighten up.

Shelley Kyle Sorella

Notes listed include fresh tuberose and gardenia, red roses and violet leaves.

Give Sorella a try if you love fresh florals. Or if you like perfumes Annick Goutal Rose Splendide, Caron Delire de Roses, Jo Malone Red Roses, CREED Fleurissimo and/or Van Cleef & Arpels Feerie Rose. I perceive Sorella as a feminine fragrance.

Projection and longevity are below average. It wears more like an EDT. However, I think this is why it “works” for me. These notes are often overpowering and in this composition are aerial. I like this.

Sorella comes in two sizes (1 oz and 2 oz) with prices ranging from $37-$72 at Shelley Kyle. Other products are also available in this scent (candle, body cream, bath gel, etc).

 Victoria’s Final EauPINIONAn ethereal flower market painted in watercolor. Right now, I’m really loving this one.

*Disclaimer – Sample provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Shelley Kyle. Model pic is from Shelley Kyle as well. I usually pair vintage pics that I like with reviews. But, I thought this company produced one was perfect.

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    1. I saw the packaging in person at NY NOW (a gift show) and they were really nice. I mean the perfume and body cream bottles are rather simple (still pretty) but the puffs are great quality. I was really surprised by how many I liked from the line.

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