Kim Kardashian Perfume Review

Kim Kardashian perfume

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Fragrance

When I go and sniff a celebrity scent, I must say that I don’t expect too much. Usually these scents exist for the fans and these scents get publicity from those that like and dislike them. Say what you want about Kim Kardashian but she has fans (and haters). I really know little about her. I know that I’m going to support fellow Armenian-Americans and I think she is beautiful in a sleazy stag mag way, but I like people that make me feel like I wear too little makeup. I’m still waiting for Kim to launch a makeup line…

The fragrance isn’t mind blowing. It’s pretty generic. But, I think I like it. It’s the best fragrance for Kim Kardashian to put her name on! I love that they keep using these hilarious words to describe the fragrance “voluptuous, sensual, sexy, sultry” (starting to sound like the back of a paperback romance novel). This fragrance is trying so hard to make us buy sex appeal in a bottle or “Kim’s curves” in a bottle. This fragrance is a heavy floral. I can see how people would hate or love it. Once again that is why it makes a great Kardashian fragrance! I’m a fan of heavy white floral fragrances that scream “a woman has just entered the room”. So far I haven’t encountered a gardenia, jasmine, or tuberose fragrance that I have found too heavy to wear. Kardashian has all of those. It’s all the “big” florals in the market: orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose, and gardenia. There is no holding back with this fragrance! It’s a bold white floral. It reminds me of a mix of Michael Kors EDP, Marc Jacobs EDP and Coty Sand & Sable. When I read the notes listed in this fragrance before trying it, I thought it sounds lovely but I bet it’s too “tame”. I thought it would be marketed to a younger crowd. No, this is a straight-up, in-yo-face gardenia/jasmine/tuberose fragrance.  At first it comes across as tenacious and bodacious. It’s a strong white floral. It smells of a big mix of orange blossom, jasmine, and tuberose. It is difficult for my nose to pick all of these notes apart. This smells of a lush white floral bouquet. I also get gardenia. This is a heady and sweet floral blend. I must say that sometimes fragrances with orange blossom, jasmine, and tuberose can come across as a bit bitter and green. Not Kim Kardashian. This scent is playing up all the tropical sweetness of these primary fragrance notes. With a little more wear, the gardenia seems to take over. I say that because the fragrance turns sweeter in a floral way. The florals remain throughout the wear; however, their “chutzpah” wains. The scent begins to mellow out. Like I said, you still get florals but you get some of that tropical spice that reminds me of Hawaiian white ginger mixed with the zing of a bitter orange blossom and citrus. I really like this stage. I have a thing for retro “Hawaiian” scents and this reminds me of some of those. The dry-down still has florals but with skanky musks and milky woods. The dry-down isn’t bad but I don’t love it. The musk really stands out on me. This is both good and bad.

I won’t be adding a bottle to my collection unless it goes on sale (I had a sample and did use it all, I think my hubby may purchase me a bottle). I have many white florals in my collection and I can’t justify adding another unless is it very different from the ones that I own. Kim Kardashian lacks a certain something to make it unique enough for my fragrance wardrobe. However, I have to say this has been my favorite celebrity scent so far. My opinion is skewed by sniffing and owning more independent and niche scents, but in the world of mainstream and especially in the world of celebrity scents; Kim Kardashian is not too bad. It is a bold, white floral. I haven’t tried many celeb scents, but this is my #1 favorite celeb scent right now. Kim Kardashian tries to come across as sexy and I think that it does. It’s a bit of a brash sensuality, forthcoming, but it does “go there” despite the occasional questioning of refinement. (Once again, very appropriate for the celeb!) I’ve found that guys like a bold, white floral, my husband does, and he really likes this one. I find that his nose isn’t great at smelling “superior” fragrances. His duller sniffer prefers the “bold” ones, I think. Other men have complimented me on this scent too. I guess there really  is something sexy/libidinous to it?

*OK, so most of the reviews I read find this fragrance too strong and use the dreaded “old lady” phrase to define it. It is a strong fragrance and I can see how the fruity-floral or “fresh” fragrance wearers of any age range would dislike this. This is a bold, audacious white floral. I keep saying that. I don’t see this as aged or dated. Actually, culturally “we” like strong fragrances and my first fragrance ever as a gift as a pre-teen was a bottle of gardenia/jasmine essential oil. White florals are seen as very feminine and youthful.

Notes listed include: mandarin, honeysuckle, orange blossom, pink jasmine, tuberose, sensual spice, lush gardenia, jacaranda wood, tonka bean, vanilla orchid, sexy musk, and creamy sandalwood.

Give this one a try if you like bold white floral perfumes/white tropical florals or if you like scents like Michael Kors EDP, Marc Jacobs EDP, Estee Lauder Tuberose Gardenia, Coty Sand & Sable, Trish McEvoy Sexy #4 Gardenia, Memoire Liquide Fleur de Tropiques, Mariah Carey Forever, Piguet Fracas, Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia Solid Perfume, and/or Tocca Florence.

UPDATE: You can now find this perfume at discounters like 

I like the Old Hollywood feel to the ad campaign.

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    1. I’ve heard this too. I haven’t heard anymore details. It seemed that the coverage was more about what she was wearing in the photo shoots than the actual juice.

  1. I found this entirely too strong and abrasive for me. I usually like heavy white florals such as Kai but something is very “fake” about Kim Kardashian EDP.

    1. I can see that. In the world of white florals Kai is a much smoother and more “natural” fragrance.

    1. LOL, no! But, I think of Marc Jacobs & Michael Kors as both Coty Sand & Sable knock-offs too!
      I like Sand & Sable, but boy does it ever get reincarnated!

  2. I just found this blog and have been ooh-ing and aww-ing at your vintage makeup tutorials and perfume reviews. You have great taste! And you have such lovely features, they make for a great palette to show off color and makeup. Reading NOW that you’re Armenian just made me laugh! Of course you are! I am too! That just made my love this blog more. SOLIDARITY.

    1. Yeah! That’s awesome! Isn’t it funny that I don’t really care for Miss KK (her personality) but I like her because she is Armenian American!
      Thank you for commenting! So happy that you love my blog 🙂

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