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Scentsy Layers Shower Cream & Body Lotion in Love Story Review

Scentsy Layers

Home fragrance brand, Scentsy has expanded their line to include personal fragrances called Layers. I’ve smelled home fragrances before in the past and wished that I could get them as a personal fragrance. Scentsy has done that with select fragrances. I think it’s great for the brand and their consultants to enter the personal fragrance market.

I was able to sample 3 products in the scent Love Story.

The Scent – Love Story: This is one of those sweet gourmands with pink jasmine, amber and dark chocolate. I pick up on fruits and musk which are not listed. The scent does vary very slightly from product to product. This scent reminds me a little of Cacharel Amor Amor or other “sultry red” gourmands. I could see one liking this if they like Cacharel Amor Amor, Victoria’s Secret Amber Romance, Britney Spears Fantasy, and/or Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy. I also see the Layers layering with any of the fragrances that I listed.

Scentsy Layers Shower Cream

Shower Cream Review: The Shower Cream is a moisturizing, creamy formula that lathers wonderfully and rinses off easily. It does not dry out my skin. Huge plus. The formula reminds me of Dove’s Cream Oil Body Wash but with a better scent. I notice that the scent of this one is a little “soapier”, not a surprise being that this is soap ūüôā But, it’s a little more ambery and muskier than the other Love Story products. This retails for $12.

Scentsy Body Lotion

Body Lotion Review: The Body Lotion absorbs quickly into my dry skin. It’s not greasy or sticky. It’s good for my skin in warmer weather. The Love Story scent in the body lotion is my favorite out of these 3 products. It reminds me of chocolate cherry cordials. The scent does linger in the way that Victoria’s Secret body lotions do. The formula is very fragrant. This retails for $10. FYI – This scent layers nicely with va-va-voom tuberose perfumes.

Scentsy Scent Pak

Scent Pak Review: This is a fragrance sachet that can be thrown into drawers, lockers, cars, closets, anywhere. I opened this Scent Pak when I had the flu and had no sense of smell. I threw it in a lingerie drawer and forgot about it. When I finally got my sense of smell back a week later, I had a brief freak out because of this sachet. I thought a bottle of perfume had fallen and broke in the bedroom. However, I couldn’t identify the fragrance. I looked under the furniture, nothing. <sigh of relief> No perfumes were broken. But, what was this scent? Where was it coming from? Ends up this entire Scent Pak was fragrancing my bedroom. Some little thing thrown in a draw of slips and nylons was scenting my entire room. I’ve never owned such a fragrant sachet. The scent of this one is fruitier and “juicier” than the other 2 Layers products. These retail for $7. I’d like to buy more of this to throw in linen closets and the basement/laundry room.

My only complaint with the Layers products is well, an odd one. But, hey, I give honest reviews and I say what I’m thinking. I have an issue with the packaging. The packaging works fine and does its job. But, it’s the colors, font, etc. It looks like it could possibly be the packaging for, um, a personal lubricant or some type of flavored, novelty massage oil. I personally don’t want this out by my dresser when the super conservative in-laws visit. And I know I want be gifting these to squares (read as super conservative¬†in-laws) because of the packaging.

Scentsy products are not tested on animals. The Layers line also includes Body Spray, Solid Perfume, Hand Cream, Shower Gel, and Body Butter. They have also launched laundry products as well. I feel this is a great line for those that¬†already¬†use Victoria’s Secret or Bath and Body Works products. You can get very fragrant body products and support local consultants (many are women and from my experience, many are women that stay at home with their children with autism or children with other disabilities). More info on the new Layers collection on the Scentsy site.

*Disclaimer РProduct provided by Scentsy. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.

9 thoughts on “Scentsy Layers Shower Cream & Body Lotion in Love Story Review

  1. I’ve got a friend who sells Scentsy, and she’s been quite successful at it. I’ll pass on your review to her Victoria, I think she’ll emjoy it (and LOL! at the comment about the packaging.)

    1. I really didn’t want to go there with the packaging but I couldn’t help it.
      I really like their wickless candles and I’m sure there is a scent that I really like in the body products. The line is so expansive that I don’t know which scents are the scents I like. I also feel that I’d rather buy from a friend or somebody in the neighborhood for this sort of thing rather than B&BW, Victoria’s Secret, etc.
      I’m very interested in the laundry products that they’ve launched.

  2. I wonder if this can be used in energy efficient washers and dryers because for the washer it locks before the water starts. Will have to see because we have to buy special detergent for them.

    But I would love me some Lemongrass shower gel. Will have to get with my Scentsy rep. YEA!
    Emily Woodhouse recently posted..How to Lose Weight Ayurvedic Way

    1. Yes, they can be used in HE front load washers. They are one of my favorite Scentsy products…and one of the few things that gets ALL of the body odor out of my husbands work clothes.

  3. The Washer Whiffs are placed right into the drum of the washing machine–even high efficient. The Whiffs and dryer disks are fantastic! Non toxic too. The true scent of the product is appreciated when you use a non scented detergent, but the Ecos detergent from Costco has such a light fragrance that it works nicely too.
    The Coconut Lemongrass is bright and fresh, but my heart lies with Quiver. Quiver causes a shiver of delight with innocent vanilla flower, warm sandalwood, and sultry tuberose. feminine and perfect for sheets and under garments.
    Can’t say that I have the same thoughts concerning the packaging of Layers, but I had a laugh nonetheless.

    1. The laundry products sound awesome. I use unscented detergent (because I don’t like the scents of 90% of detergents). Quiver sounds like something I’d love. I love vanilla. I love sandalwood. And the tuberose is a happy bonus.
      I feel awful mentioning the packaging because I try not to provide TMI, but there is a product that has the same logo and color of Love Story and same shaped bottle. Maybe I just have that in my head because of the sultry red of Love Story. Anyways…like Scentsy Layers.

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