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Scentsy Announces ScenTrend 2012 + Reviews

Fragrance brand, Scentsy, announced their ScenTrend™ for 2012. Drum roll, please… It’s pink pepper! Perfume lovers have been aware of this zesty note for years now and it’s gaining even more popularity. (rejoice or sigh) I’ve read in a few different places that pink pepper is predicted to be a popular fragrance note in 2012. It’s like cupcakes, you’ll be seeing pink pepper around for a long time.

Scentsy Pink Pepper

I know pink pepper has its haters since it was overused in numerous mainstream “pink” fragrances, but I’ve always loved the fragrance and flavor of pink pepper. Pink pepper is zesty, dry, spicy but it has this fruity, juniper berry-like complexity to it that gives it more depth than just “fire”. Plus, pink peppercorns themselves are very visually pleasing with their rose tone. One more reason I like to use them in cooking.

Here are reviews of the new Scentsy scents:

Pink Pepper – This is a single note pink pepper but that doesn’t mean that it is boring. Pink Pepper is dry, spicy with a natural fruity sweetness to it. I find that this fragrance as a great “pick-me-up”. Pink peppercorns are a spice; they are stimulating. I like to burn this fragrance in the afternoon when I’m fatiguing and losing some of my mental focus. This scent can also be mixed with other Scentsy waxes. I actually like it by itself but I could see it doing well with creamy scents like vanilla or white florals or even with chocolate scents. I do find this scent “lighter” than the other Scentsy blends.

Pixie – This will be introduced in February as Scent of the Month. Pixie is a blend of pink pepper, mandarin, heliotrope, teakwood and vanilla. This is a creamy, spicy blend that reminds me of a home fragrance version of Lempicka Si Lolita!, a fragrance that I adore. This fragrance has more throw than Pink Pepper.

Scentsy will continue to promote pink pepper fragrances in their Spring/Summer 2012 catalog. Visit ScenTrend for more details. I hope to post my review of the Scentsy warmer and how to use Scentsy warmer in the near future.

*Disclaimer – Product and samples provided by Scentsy. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.

17 thoughts on “Scentsy Announces ScenTrend 2012 + Reviews

  1. I gotta say, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Scentsy! I’ll have to look at what all they have, because you know I’m not going for that pink pepper. I do still like pink pepper, but just like you said, I’m on PP overload. It is wonderful with woody and gourmands, though.
    Carrie Meredith recently posted..Best Fragrances of 2011

    1. Scentsy is like any other wickless candle but their wax selection is overwhelming. I don’t know where to start. Most of the Men’s stuff sounds too good to be true: Weathered Leather and Hendrix (a mix of patchouli, sandalwood and tobacco flower).
      I love pink pepper but I had to give myself a break from it. Food reintroduced it to me. And nothing beats the EO. Just no more pink pepper paired with whispy florals!

  2. The Scentsy ScenTrend site (say that seven times swiftly!) is well-designed and interesting to peruse. And it’s not that I dislike pink pepper, but gee– “up-and-coming” fragrance note? Maybe for ambient room aromas, I don’t know… but you sure do make it sound good all over again. 😉

    1. Remember – Most people aren’t neck deep in this stuff as we are 🙂
      Like all fumeheads, I was really burnt out with pink pepper. Culinary/spice markets made me love it again. I have a bottle of pink pepper EO just to huff when I’m feeling sluggish.

      1. Even before I read your reply, I found myself compelled to go into the kitchen, pick some pink peppercorns out of the “medley” jar and crack them to reacquaint myself with their real-life scent. Before the inevitable sneeze (which you probably heard all the way from there!) they smelled berryish, musky, and very pleasant. Sometimes, a “refresher” is needed! 😀

        1. Fruity-Musky-Woodsy-Spice
          No more mixing with wispy little florals in pink flankers, please. Our noses do need “refreshers”. Sometimes we get disconnected. Things start to smell generic that aren’t or they do smell “real” and we forget.

  3. I love pink pepper! I think I could quickly get over it in home fragrance but it would add nice variety. Other than the gorgeous Pink Pepper candle by DL, I haven’t seen this much in home fragrance.

    1. DL is the only pink pepper that I can think of as well. Like I said, I like it to “invigorate” but it also does well complimenting sweets. Wonder if we’ll see more brands doing pink pepper this year?

  4. I think Scentsy is awesome, as one of the other posts said. The men selection is wonderful. I LOVE My Dear Watson. I call it my husband in a jar! One of the best things with Scentsy too is they offer home parties so you can get FREE Items!

    My Scentsy lady rocks! if you need anything you can go to her website. http://www.bestwicklescandle.com You will love it once you try it!

    1. I really want to try the men’s. I was also intrigued by My Dear Watson. The problem with me is that I get wrapped up in descriptions and often don’t try things that I may love because the description was less “vivid”.

      Thank you for sharing your “dealer”, lol.

      1. 😛 My “dealer” thats awesome. I bet it looks bad when me meet up at the gas station to get Scentsy.
        LOL I think you will LOVE My Dear Watson, it is my FAV, I even have it in my car with the scent circles they sell.
        Jas 😆

        1. Haha, the gas station? That’s not shady 😉 But, we do what we need to do for good smells.

          I’ll put it on my list. I’m actually surprised how long the bricks last (that sounds pusher too, lol). I’d like to try that one, the Leather, and the hippie Hendrix.

  5. I have been a rep for a few short months and have fallen in love with numerous scents and several warmers. I have started my own little stash and I can’t wait to get Pixie and Pink Pepper. I have never even heard of it before Scentsy introduced to me so I’m getting to experience it for the first time! I can’t wait to get it on/around the 16th of this month. I’m thoroughly excited!!

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