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Facial Sunscreens

Now that I’m using AHAs during my night time routine, I’m crazy about daily SPF. This isn’t really new for me. I’ve been crazy about SPF for 15 years. I now realize that I have no choice and can’t live without them. I’ve tried so many and really, I don’t love too many of them. Maybe my expectations are too high? Here’s my skin: My skin is normal and gets more dry in the winter and oilier in the summer. And I’m using stuff that makes me more sensitive to sun exposure. Here are a few mini-reviews of products that I have used in the past year.

A. Avon Anew Solar Advance Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 45 – This lotion has a strong floral scent. The lotion is easy to blend. You won’t have a white or ashy mask. It’s a bit moistruzing so in the summer, I wear this alone. It  honestly makes my skin texture feel smooth and soft. It is supposed to improve the skin by “diminishing discolorations”. I haven’t noticed that but I do really like this as a daily face moisturizer/sunscreen because it makes my skin feel so good. This lotion is waterproof. A 2.6 oz. bottle for $34 and is available at Avon. My non-professional opinion thinks this sunscreen is best for: normal-to-dry skin as a daily protective moisturizer/sunscreen and those with dry skin to wear over their daily moisturizer. And not the best for: oily skin or those sensitive to fragrance.

B. Clinique Super City Block Oil-Free Face Protector SPF 25– There’s an SPF 40 too, but I actually prefer the 25. I like the formula better. This is an oil-free lotion. I love this stuff. It creates a nice base. However, it is tinted to offset the whiteness of natural sunscreens. So, I have to blend this one nicely so that it doesn’t make my complexion look strange…read that as clumpy if you apply powder directly over it. I’ve also had it rub off on white/light tops. However, I love the formula and the price. Oh, and there’s no fragrance! A 1.4 oz. bottle retails for $18 at Nordstrom. My non-professional opinion thinks this sunscreen is best for: Most skin types since this product wears very well over daily moisturizer. It’s really good for oily skins too. And sensitive skins since it is a mineral sunscreen with no scent. And not the best for: Very dark or very pale complexions because of the noticeable tint. And I don’t have luck with this under a powder or powder foundation. ***I hear there is a no-color option of this product but it has never been offered to me in my life. I guess I should order on-line?

C. Clarins UV Plus Day Screen SPF 40 – I like this product as a lightweight sunscreen for the face. You shake up the liquid. It is lightweight. However, there is a strong fragrance and it’s expensive for what it is. A 1.7 oz bottle retails for $38 and is available at Sephora. My non-professional opinion thinks this sunscreen is best for: Those that hate the feeling of sunscreen or those that want to layer this over a day cream/lotion. And not the best for: Those with very dry skin unless they use it over a cream. Or those sensitive to fragrance.

D. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Sunscreen SPF 55 – . You shake this liquid and apply. Think of it like a budget of the Clarins talked about above. I do like the feel but it does give me way too much shine without makeup. With makeup, powder and primer, I have no problem. The fragrance is off-putting like flowers and band-aids. Nope, the band-aid isn’t oud! But, the price is really good and I’d rather buy this than the Clarins. If this was unscented, it would be my holy grail facial sunscreen. A 1.4 oz bottle retails for about $12 at My non-professional opinion thinks this sunscreen is best for: Those that hate heavy sunscreens and for those that like to layer sunscreen over day products. And not the best for: Those that have problems with shine. No joke. This stuff makes me so shiny. Or those that are sensitive to fragrance. I don’t recommend it for dry skins either.

E. Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream for Face SPF 55 – This is a fairly creamy sunscreen. I have normal skin and use this alone as my daily moisturizer in the summer. It’s creamy and blends easily. A 1.2 oz bottle retails for $19.50 and is available at Nordstrom. My non-professional thinks this sunscreen is best for: Dry skin or skin that is “thirsty”. It can be worn alone for normal-to-dry skin and layered over products for dry skin. And not the best for: Oily skins unless you are using harsh products at night and need the moisture.

So, what’s your favorite sunscreen for the face?

*All products were purchased by me except for the Avon which was provided by PR. My opinions are my own. Post contains a few affiliate links. Thanks!

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  1. Hey V, fragrance is more my thing but I had to chime in on this one. I started paying attention to SPF because of my wife. We recently took a trip to Mexico and we both used Origins A Perfect World with Tea Extract and an SPF of 35. It worked great. I’ve been back for a few weeks now and I’ve maintained my glow and have yet to peel. In all honesty, I don’t think I will. My face didn’t feel overly oily and we laid out quite a bit.
    I’m going to look into these as well.
    Barney A Bishop recently posted..When The Moment Calls For Being Still

    1. Thank you for commenting. I posted this mainly because I need recommendations. My husband and I are going to Mexico in a month and I need more GOOD sunscreens in my life. And my husband thinks all sunscreens are “greasy”.

      It’s funny that you mention the Origins one because I almost bought it on Fri. And then I thought, well, I’ll check out reviews, etc. first. I’m interested in the Origins and I noticed Josie Maran has an argan oil one that I’d love to try.

    1. I’m seriously going to purchase some colored zinc oxide, Zinka, before going to Mexico. I’ll be so rad.

  2. I’m late to the party as usual…

    I too am utterly obsessed with facial sunscreen, and have the stockpiles to proove it!

    The Neutrogena you mentioned is pretty much my HG, because the scent doesn’t bother me… And since I can use my regular routine over the top, shine isn’t a problem. But I have other loves!

    CeraVe Day, SPF 30. Was recommended to me by a derm a while back. For about $15, it’s a nice creamy texture that absorbs really well, fabulous for dry skin, and has only a faint aroma. Walgreens!

    Estee Lauder Day Wear Plus, SPF 30. I find this really similar to the CeraVe, actually, as far as performance and texture, for about twice the price. I’ve been using Day Wear most consistently throughout the years, so there must be something that keeps me coming back… Free EL samples???

    Two more recommendations from the dermatologist: Vanicream, and Ti-Silc (available at Amazon, and some drugstores, for around $20). The Vanicream has sophisticated sunscreens, and no weird added baloney, however, does not blend easily into the skin, and stains clothes! My bottle is sorely neglected (thanks, doc). And the Ti-Silc? I haven’t tried it yet, since my experience following the derm advice has been hit or miss…

    Have a wonderful time in Mexico!
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    1. Thank you for commenting! I needed these recs!

      So, the Neutrogena is growing on me. Or should I say that the scent is “fading” on me. I do love the texture and it doesn’t make my face ashy and it’s so easy to blend. And the price is awesome.
      I’m a huge CeraVe fan. I use the cream and the cleanser for dry skin. The SPF is fairly new, right? I’m buying some today 🙂
      I didn’t realize that Day Wear now has SPF 30, thought it was 15. Shows how much I go to the counter other than for fragrance!
      I’ve used Vanicream in the past, wasn’t pleased, would rather use that Clinique if I have to blend and blend.

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