Sarah Horowitz Perfect Vanilla Perfume Oil Review

Sarah Horowitz Perfect Vanilla

Is Sarah Horowitz Perfect Vanilla the perfect vanilla?

Perfect Vanilla opens with an orange creamsicle. It’s a juicy orange and vanilla cream. It wears linear like this. Eventually you’ll pick up a rather prominent Egyptian musk that adds a white floral muskiness. And then I’m left with this musk/floral that reminds me very much of The Body Shop White Musk. AND then it turns into this sweet balsamic raw vanilla with a hint of blonde tobacco. I didn’t expect this.

Perfect Vanilla is simple which isn’t a bad thing if you want to smell like vanilla. The oil-base is thick and I wouldn’t recommend it near clothing; it could possibly stain. I think this base gives Perfect Vanilla a “hippie in college” feel. Maybe that feel is lacking from the EDP spray. Or maybe I have perfume oil hang-ups. And I do.

Notes listed include vanilla, blood orange, and tobacco. PERFUMER – Sarah Horowitz-Thran

Give Perfect Vanilla a try if you are looking for a creamsicle perfume or if you like Smell Bent Sunshine, Profumum Vanitas, The Body Shop White Musk, and/or By Kilian Sweet Redemption. I view Perfect Vanilla as feminine but anyone that wants to smell like an orange creamsicle should try this.

On warm skin, Perfect Vanilla has above average projection and longevity for an oil-based perfume.

The roll-on retails for $40 at Beautyhabit. An EDP is also available which I have not tried.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONOrange creamsicle with musk. One to try if you like vanilla. Or if you want to smell like an orange creamsicle.

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  1. This actually sounds like something I’d like. I like oil-based perfumes, my skin is too try for the spray stuff.

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