Sage Machado Onyx Perfume Oil Review

Sage Onyx Perfume

In the summer, I put together an updated guide to coconut perfumes. At the end of this post, I included my “must try” coconut perfumes. Sage Machado Onyx made the list. I realized that I have yet to review what I consider one of my favorite coconut perfumes.

Onyx, like its namesake, is “dark”. It’s unlike a lot of other coconut perfumes and perfume oils in that it showcases a darker side of coconut.  Onyx pairs the lactonic sweetness of coconut with smoke. It’s coconut with a rich, sweet vanilla pipe tobacco. The coconut at this stage starts to remind me of dried, toasted coconut. This is balanced by dry tobacco leaves and balsamic moss. The dry down of Onyx is a sweet, creamy amber with skin-hugging musk (the sort of musk that’s in the other Sage fragrances).

Onyx is one of my favorite coconut perfumes because it’s like a “goth” coconut. It’s not like other coconut perfume oils which tend to lean beachy or foody. So many coconut perfumes are wearing a bikini and a sarong. Onyx is the sort of coconut wearing black velvet and stacks of sterling silver/gemstone rings. It’s a sweet fragrance but I’d never describe it as edible. “Smokeable”, maybe.

Notes listed include black coconut, tobacco, oakmoss, vanilla, amber and sheer musk.

Give Onyx a try if you like coconut fragrances. Or if you like perfumes like Sarah Horwitz Perfumes Perfect Coconut, House of Matriarch Coco Blanc, Ava Luxe Black Coconut, Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude, Auric Blends Black Coconut and/or Olivine Amongst the Waves.

I have the perfume oil and that’s what I’ve reviewed. For a perfume oil, it has average projection and longevity.

The 1/8 oz perfume oil retails for $45 at Beautyhabit. 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONSmoky and sweet coconut tobacco. It’s one of my favorite coconut-heavy perfumes. It’s awesome in cooler weather too.

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*Product obtained by me (gift).  Product pic is mine.


15 thoughts on “Sage Machado Onyx Perfume Oil Review

    1. Tobacco + coconut is a winning combo. There’s also a candle in this scent which I highly recommend…just for the random “pick it up and sniff it” throughout the day.

  1. Another one for the “to try” list. Love tobacco. And I really do like coconut. It’s just that I’ve always enjoyed drinking my pins coladas rather than wearing them. And suntan lotion. I can wear suntan lotion and smell like suntan lotion. Anyway this tobacco and coconut sounds like something I’d enjoy. The candle sounds good too. Who carries it?

    1. I know, right? I’m like you. I’d rather drink it (which reminds me that I haven’t had a pina colada in a very long time). If I want suntan lotion, I’ll wear it as it’s much cheaper than perfume.
      I like this because it’s coconut but not something I’d want to eat. And the tobacco and amber keep it from being all beach-y.
      The candle is excellent. I notice it’s a little more tobacco-y than the perfume oil which I’m fine with. Sage Lifestyle has the candles. I thought Beautyhabit carried them but then just looked and they don’t! But, the Sage website does.

  2. Oh, such a stunning description! Would love to try out this ‘not edible but smokable’ coconut. It sounds to me very enchantingly earthy with a complex kind of sweetness..

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