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Rebel & Mercury Distinguished No. 2 Tuberose & Incense Candle Review

Rebel & Mercury Candle

Rebel & Mercury Distinguished Candles are a line of natural botanical candles. While the world may have numerous options when it comes to all-natural perfumes, I’ve found that we have less when it comes to home fragrance, especially candles. Why? My hypothesis is that it is expensive, very expensive to make a candle that will throw. The wax tends to absorb natural essences and I can guarantee that one has to use probably double the amount of fragrance than what they use in perfume. This means that is very expensive to make and people aren’t willing to pay that much for a candle. I’m not an expert candle maker or a natural perfumer, but I have played around with enough to know that working with all-naturals in wax is not easy.

What I’m saying is that Rebel & Mercury is one of the few natural candle lines that I know of and I think it’s the best (probably because Nikki is a perfumer as well).

Tuberose & Incense is what the name implies. Using naturals, this scent has more complexity than you’d expect. The tuberose is heady with a subtle minty-green nuance. The resins are acrid, slightly smoky. There’s also cloves and warm spices. The overall fragrance is sultry, seductive. It’s a spicy floral that even a tuberose-hater could appreciate.

Notes listed include tuberose, vanilla and incense resins.

I have noticed that with this all-natural candle that it burns differently than synthetic or mix-media candles that I own. In the packaging, the scent is very subtle. It’s not a candle that has throw even when it’s unlit. I find that this scent blossoms once it is burning. It hits a peak at about an 30-60 minutes of burn time. I’ve also noticed that you really can’t tell the “character” of the candle until the wax is warm.

The vesell is a smoky translucent glass with the Rebel & Mercury logo printed. I think the packaging is universal for any decor and also neutral enough for gift giving.

The 10 ounce candle retails for $50 at Rebel & Mercury.Β The line also offers wax refills at a discounted price (20% off). You just clean the wax out of the vessel and slip the refill in. I love that the line offers these.

Here’s a post of mine that contains more info on the brand and the Distinguished Candles.

*Product obtained by me. Product pic from Rebel + Mercury.

11 thoughts on “Rebel & Mercury Distinguished No. 2 Tuberose & Incense Candle Review

  1. guuuuuuurrrlllll!!!! another favorite house of mine! and LOCAL! had been out of the loop, and am thrilled to see this new line. πŸ™‚

    The other kizmet-y thing is tuberose is my note du jour– on my to order right now!

    thanks Victoria!

    1. This new line is very elegant. I also love that you can get refills. That’s a great idea.

      I’m going through a big tuberose kick right now. Which is odd for me, but I’m enjoying my tuberose journey right now.

      1. ok, so gimme the tuberose 411- what are you wafting?

        i might have said, i am not usually a synth fan, but i am taking on all fumes for this tuberose thing. (still working on getting some of the Hiram Green juice and i’m told someone is acquiring the Vamp In NY) so far i have only tried Annick Goutal’s Passion (and you were right– it smells like an old photo album… with the plastic pages over a sticky background?), and of course- Fracas. i knew Fracas because my mom has worn it before. it smells exactly like a big bright pink plastic flower to me… but i kinda admire it’s I AM HERE ways. (must look into more Piguet frags.)

        i have samples of Tuberoses Criminelles, Carnal Flower & Estee Lauder’s Tuberose & Gardenia on the way. (that one is scaring me already.)

        i can only imagine tuberose back in seattle on a misty grey day. somehow when it’s wet out everything just smells BETTER.

        1. I’m a big fan of the beast known as Carnal Flower. I feel like if I’m going to wear tuberose, I should go all out.

          I think the “tamer” ones are Moon Bloom and Vamp a NYC, which are very pretty and less aggressive. And then there are the sheer ones like Diptyque Do Son and By Kilian Beyond Love.

          I do have Fracas which is my drag queen perfume. And you can laugh but I love the neon tuberose, Juicy Couture. It’s like a campy-tuberose for today’s generation.

          I also like DSH Perfumes Tubereuse for the beeswax note in it. And I do like SL TC and EL Tuberose & Gardenia.

  2. Looked at the website. OMG! I would like several of the candles. And some of the perfumes and oils.
    Do they sell the full line at Blackbird? Have you tried anything else from the line?

    The other candles I would love to have are the ones on the Parfums D’Empire website. I may just break down someday. I’ve ordered directly from them and they are fast and the postage is incredibly reasonable. Makes me wonder about postage from other sites in Europe.

    1. The Everyday Collection is really good too. I love Almond, Vanilla and Ginger. It actually smells like a real biscotti.

      I believe Sweet Anthem in West Seattle carries the entire line, as well as a few of the parfums.

      It’s 2014 and I’m out of my candle no-buy. However, I can only bring in four. I have a serious candle addiction that I’m working on.

      I would love to try the Parfums D’Empire – love their perfumes. Nice to know they are hassle-free to order from as well.

      Cire Trudon is my weakness.

  3. I really love your candle reviews. I bought a nest moss and mint candle based on your recommendation and I love it. Thanks

    1. I love Moss and Mint. I’m happy that you do too!

      Last year I was on a candle no-buy. I’m allowed 4 this year, lol. I have to use up what I have πŸ™‚

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