Rebel Intuitive EDP Natural Perfume Reviews

Sharon Tate

Rebel Intuitive is a new indie line of natural perfumes based in Vermont. It’s a line inspired by vintage, bohemian glamour and botanical ingredients.

The line currently consists of three perfumes: Grace at 67th, Ninon and Winter Lewd. Here are my impressions:


Rebel Intuitive Grace at 67th


Notes listed include tarragon, sweet basil, clary sage, neroli, violet leaf, narcissus, rose, costus, ambrette, myrrh and labdanum.

I take it that this one is inspired by 60’s-70’s era rockstars’ girlfriends that pair too much eyeliner with turbans and fur coats.

Grace at 67th is a green fragrance. It opens with a musky sage and fresh, green garden herbs. My skin amplifies the costus so much of the wear on me is sort of balsamic and stale, reminding me of unwashed hair. Yet, this doesn’t bother me. I sort of like the staleness of the herbs and resins. Add the aroma of weed and old books and then you’ll really have the scent of a bohemian apartment.

Give Grace at 67th a try if you like natural green or balsamic scents. Or if you like perfumes like Roxana Illuminated Perfumes Impromptu, LUSH The Bug and/or DSH Perfumes Mountain Sage. Grace at 67th is “balsamic green” and completely unisex.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONStale bohemian apartment with dried herbs and balsamic resins. You know, I should hate this one, but I don’t. I think it is what the perfumers were going for. It works for the inspiration.


Rebel Intuitive Ninon


Notes listed include bergamot, red mandarin, lemon, palmarosa, carnation, rose, osmanthus, jasmine, vanilla, honey, sandalwood, Africa stone and styrax.

Ninon is inspired by 17th century French courtesan, Ninon de Lenclos. It’s meant to be the boudoir, sexy one.

Ninon opens as a sparkling carnation – citrus, clove and floral. This opens to a cool jasmine and doughy rose heart. It starts to wear almost like a rose petal scone. It’s like rose, warm bread and honey. The dry-down is an animalic sandalwood that wears closely to the skin.

I don’t really think of Ninon as “boudoir” like. Instead it reminds me of rose-scented desserts.

Give Ninon a try if you like natural florals. Or if you like perfumes like Providence Perfume Co. Rose 802, Alchemologie Flora, LUSH Flower Market and/or Strange Invisible Perfumes Trapeze. 

Victoria’s Final EauPINION Sweet, rose petal scone.

Rebel Intuitive Winter Lewd


Notes listed include blood orange, tangerine, bois de rose, tagetes, blue tansy, nigella damascena, hyssop, davana, hay, black currant, agarwood and muhuhu.

Winter Lewd is the one that the brand labels as “unisex”. It’s a fantasy forest scent.

Winter Lewd opens as sharp, bitter and acidic like turpentine and oranges. When it eventually mellows, it’s more of a rosewood and hay-like floral with an astringent black currant. It dries down to dry woods. Winter Lewd is borderline medicinal (sharp oud, etc.) and comes across like “aromatherapy”. You can decide if this is a pro or a con.

Overall on my skin, Winter Lewd is bitter and herbal, making it my least favorite from the trio. Even though this one doesn’t “work” on my skin, it’s worth trying if you like botanical, calming scents by brands like Aveda, JoAnne Bassett or Blooming Dream.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION An astringent tisane of woods and herbs. Really doesn’t work on my skin at all, but worth trying if any of the notes appeal to you.

Being natural perfumes, projection and longevity are below average. The longest wearing one on my skin is Grace at 67th because of the costus.

The line is worth sampling if you like natural, botanical perfumes or if you like perfumes that are more aromatherapeutic or frankly, “smell natural”¹.

The 1/2 oz bottles retail for $80-$95 at Rebel Intuitive. Samples are also available for purchase.

¹This is not a diss. “Smelling natural” is a selling point for many people because it’s so anti-commercial. And I feel like if you are interested in indie perfumes, anti-commercial is exactly what you’re looking for.

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