Raw Spirit Summer Rain EDP Perfume Review

Raw Spirit Summer Rain

Raw Spirit¹ Summer Rain is a fragrance inspired by summer thunderstorms in the Florida Everglades².

Summer Rain opens as tangy citrus zest. It smells exactly like zesting a lime. In addition, the grapefruit adds a bitterness to the natural sweetness of the lime. This opening is hyper-realistic. The heart does capture some of that Florida humidity. It’s a humid white floral with leafy greens. It’s the white florals that grow so easily in Southern Florida like orange blossoms and tangled vines of jasmine. No other note in perfumery really reminds me of “thunderstorm” like vetiver does. The vetiver in this perfume adds dark clouds to the floral humidity. It’s damp, dark and slightly smoky. Unlike a lot of vetivers, this one doesn’t smell “cool”. It has warmth. The dry-down of Summer Rain is a moody vetiver and dry woods. Summer Rain doesn’t smell like “after the thunderstorm” but more like “a thunderstorm is coming”.

Other than reminding me of the window of time before a summer storm, Summer Rain reminds me of a really luxurious, updated Florida Water. It’s a modern “eau de cologne” that’s refreshing in summer heat.


Justice Joslin


Notes listed include kaffir lime, grapefruit, orange flower, jasmine, Haitian vetiver and cedar. Launched in 2015. PERFUMER – Harry Fremont

Give Summer Rain a try if you like “eau de colognes” or citrus fragrances. Or perfumes like Penhaligon’s Extract of Limes, Lady Gaga Eau de Gaga, Chanel Allure Homme Sport, Tom Ford Private Blend Neroli Portofino, The 7 Virtues Vetiver of Haiti and/or Atelier Cologne Cedrat Enivrant. I really recommend anyone that likes “colognes” or vetiver to give this one a try.

For something that smells like an “eau de cologne”, the longevity is above average. These sort of notes usually dislike lingering on the skin but in this case, they stay. Projection is average.

The 1 oz bottle retails for $90 and the travel roll-on for $40 at Beautyhabit and Amazon.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONThunderstorm eau de cologne – citrus zest, humid florals and vetiver. In the summer heat of July, this is exactly the sort of fragrance that I’m craving.

¹You may also see this brand referenced as “Nomad Two Worlds” or “Raw Spirit Nomad Two Worlds” as these fragrances were made in collaboration with the photography project, Nomad Two Worlds. This project by Australian photographer Russell James focused on the clash of the modern/ancient in indigenous cultures. The fragrances try to focus on ethically sourcing natural ingredients even though they are mixed media (blend of natural and synthetic ingredients).

²The brand says that they collaborated with the Seminole Tribe of Florida with this fragrance. I can’t find info on the site on this would benefit the tribe, so I’ll update once I find out.

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*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from the brand. The other image is for Schön 2016, editorial with Justice Joslin “The Mighty Everglades”. Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!


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  1. I have a rollerball of Citadelle, which is very much vetiver. And I like it a lot. I had never thought that it would be a note I like. I got to try the line at a chocolate and perfume event in Seattle a couple of years ago. Oddly the last time I was in Marshalls I saw a bottle of Eau de Gaga. I picked it up. I mean for $8 I could use it for room spray if not on me. Surprise! I am really enjoying the lime that drys down to a soft leather or suede. Goes to show that a perfume shouldn’t be judged badly solely based on celebrity status.

    1. I have a sample of Citadelle that I have not tried yet. If the vetiver is as good as what is in this one, then I bet that’s a great fragrance. I went to those chocolate things, but I don’t remember this line. I missed it somehow!

      Eau de Gaga is an amazing perfume. I wear the heck out of my bottle. It seems like it could be in the Bvlgari Tea Collection or even maybe something more “niche” than it is. I’d be more than happy to find one for $8 and start using it as room spray!

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