Ramon Monegal Kiss My Name EDP Perfume Review

Ramon Monegal Kiss My Name

Not everyone agrees with me on this, but  the word “bitch” shouldn’t be an insult. Like many women, I’ve chosen to reclaim this word. Kiss My Name is a bitch tuberose. It’s powerful. It’s not an object. It’s not here to be pretty and sexy even if we think she is. This in-control tuberose looks at other tuberoses and says, “Kiss my name”.

Ramon Monegal Kiss My Name opens with a peachy tuberose that is metallic and cool. This is a cold, aloof green tuberose. She’s not anti-social, she’s just holding out to get know you better. Give me one reason why she should be friendly towards you? With time, I get a buttery iris and other “green” slightly bitter white florals. Kiss My Name is a large, powerful fragrance and you can expect that with a metallic tuberose-jasmine fragrance. She’s the subject not the object. In fact, with more than two sprays, she is wearing you. Kiss My Name dries down to a softer version of the heart.

Most tuberoses are bitchy. Or at least I’ve heard them described that way before. Kiss My Name doesn’t have a coconut/tropical quality (those are the most “friendly” of tuberoses). It’s a “green” tuberose but has more density than lets say Diptyque Do Son. Kiss My Name is a cold broad but she’s still nicer than Malle Carnal Flower. It takes someone confident and self-assured to wear a perfume like Kiss My Name.

Marlene Dietrich

Notes listed include Indian tuberose, iris cedre, Egyptian jasmine, neroli and tolu balsam.

Give Kiss My Name a try if you like LOVE tuberose. Or if you like perfumes like HEELEY Bubblegum Chic, Annick Goutal Tubereuse, Piguet Fracas, Malle Carnal Flower and/or Arquiste Flor y Canto.

Kiss My Name has above average projection and longevity. And it has great sillage too.

The 1.7 oz retails for $185 at Beautyhabit. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA wonderful bitch of a white floral. Kiss. My. Name.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. Product pic from Fragrantica.Marlene Dietrich pic from Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

12 thoughts on “Ramon Monegal Kiss My Name EDP Perfume Review

    1. I think there is something, a common note used throughout the line that is tricky. For me, this “something” works but for others, it’s frankly awful. I don’t notice it as much in the amber or vetiver ones, but it’s in the florals. Anyway, that’s why we sample, right? 🙂

  1. I’m currently “having a moment” with Kilian’s Beyond Love.I’m wearing it everywhere (to my family and co-worker’s chagrin). So this is calling my name. If it works, it can kiss whatever it wants!

    1. I love that one. It’s a “warm” tuberose. Actually, I should dig out my sample and wear it again.

      This one is “cool”. I love how tuberose can be versatile like that.

  2. (so nervous about actually writing that i got how to spell. *laugh*) i agree, we should own the power in a lot of words like that… and in using reclaimed words– people get to EARN the right to refer to the object as such. i dunno if i EARNED that right, but… well, you started it. :)~ thanks again for the tuberose.

    1. Yeah, it’s complex. And it’s all about intent. Overall, it’s a word that I have chosen to reclaim. And there are plenty of other things out there that offend me and I’d rather put my focus onto those. But, not everyone agrees and I’m fine with that. I have no right to tell people what word/s that should accept or be offended by.

      And yeah, slightly off topic, you wouldn’t believe how many Youtube comments that I have received on perfume videos calling me a b-word in the negative sense of it. How did I know it was negative? When it was prefaced with “stupid”, “idiotic”, etc. and not “badass”, “awesome”, etc. Delete those and block the user. Done. – Oh, the power of words.

        1. Youtube is trollsville. It’s not personal, I think they just hope to strike a nerve or something. Because it has nothing to do with the video, not even like “hey dumb bitch, I hate this perfume because…”. It’s like “u dummb bitch”. I think they go around doing it to all videos under x amount of views because they truly have nothing better to do in their sorry little lives.

          Things have gotten MUCH better since Youtube paired with Google+. The 95% of people that have commented on Youtube on my videos have been awesome – kind and thoughtful, good conversations, etc.

          1. I’m glad. I need your information. I got out of the business a few years back and would like to try to keep up as I can until I get my mojo back.

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