Ramon Bejar Elvish Musk EDP Perfume Review

Ramon Bejar Elvish Musk

When I read the name Ramón Béjar “Elvish Musk”, my mind always changes it to “Elvis H. Musk”. Both names are absurd so it doesn’t really matter. Plus, I’m from Tennessee, we’re programmed to think about Elvis more than other people. Anyway, this perfume isn’t absurd. Ramón Béjar is a brand that knows how to do simple without being boring. Elvish Musk is a sparkling osmanthus over a skin-hugging, “Love Me Tender” musk.

Elvish Musk opens as a peachy osmanthus with sparkling citrus. It wears as a perfect, slightly “chewy” osmanthus with a bergamot-heavy Earl Grey tea. The heart is a bouquet of an indolic jasmine with a green rose. The base of Elvish Musk (or Elvis H. Musk) is a sheer, vegetal musk. If you like osmanthus, this is a perfume that you should must try.

Elvis Presley

Notes listed include bergamot, jasmine, peach, osmanthus, rose, geranium, musk, sandalwood and amber. Launched in 2014.

Give Elvis H. Musk a try if you like osmanthus or radiant florals. Or perfumes like April Aromatics Liquid Dreams, Hermès Osmanthe Yunnan, The Different Company Osmanthus, LUSH 1000 Kisses and/or By Kilian Flower of Immortality.

Projection and longevity are above average. The line excels at that.

The 2.55 oz retails for $295 at Osswald. 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONRadiant osmanthus. It’s a lovely perfume and one that I’ve enjoyed wearing. This line really does well with the “simple yet elegant” genre.

*Sample provided by Osswald. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Elvis pic from pinterest.


3 thoughts on “Ramon Bejar Elvish Musk EDP Perfume Review

  1. The nerd in me is intrigued by the name. I may or may not have been reciting LOTR lines with my dog earlier today…But regular me is repulsed by musk. Hmm…

    1. Oh, the things I sing to my pets…I really hope strangers don’t overhear me, lol.

      I would be interested to see what a musk-hater thinks of this one because even though it’s called “Elvis H. Musk”, I don’t find it overly musky…but I’m not sensitive to musk.

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