Ramon Bejar Celestial Rose EDP Perfume Review

Ramon Bejar Celestial Rose

Rose Week 2015

A few weeks I reviewed Ramón Béjar Magnum Iris which is a really good iris. This perfume put this new brand on my radar. Being that it’s Rose Week, it seems natural to review Celestial Rose, a rose soliflore.

Celestial Rose opens as a fruity rose. It’s like peachy aldehdyes and the richest, red rose. The heart is a luscious rose that is almost chewy. It’s like velvety rose petals and apricot fruit leather. There’s a hint of dry, dusty spices. Celestial Rose dries down to a dry rose and resinous amber.

Really reviewing this one was difficult because all I want to say about this perfume is that it smells really expensive. This is like a luxurious, high-quality rose soliflore. It’s gorgeous.

Josephine Dunn

Notes listed include artemisia, bergamot, davana, Turkish rose oil, Egyptian geranium, peach, Turkish rose, musk and amber. Launched in 2014.

Give Celestial Rose a try if you like velvety roses. Or perfumes like Malle Une Rose, Serge Lutens Sa Majeste La Rose, M. Micallef Rose Extreme and/or Sonoma Scent Studio Velvet Rose.

Projection and longevity are above average.

The 2.55 oz spray retails for $295 at Osswald. 

Victoria’s Final EauPINION Velvety, luxurious rose soliflore. I love it. I think I may like it even better than M. Micallef Rose Extreme (which is saying a lot because I love that one). And this Ramón Bejár one is cheaper (believe it or not).


*Sample provided by Osswald. Product pic from Josephine Dunn pic from


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