Ralph Lauren ‘Ralph’ Perfume Review

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing A Popular Fragrance

Could a name be any more unfortunate than “Ralph”? Seriously. It sounds disgusting. Maybe the kids don’t say that anymore, but I still use it that way. Ralph is obviously marketed to a younger crowd. It has a simple bottle and tons of bath/body products. I don’t find Ralph offensive (well, other than the name), I just find it dull and boring even for a fruity-floral. It has been around a long time, it has many spin-offs, and it is worth reviewing.

At initial spritz Ralph is kind of hissy like freesia (which I find difficult to replicate) and generic fruits. It kind of smells like an Herbal Essence shampoo (not the old stuff, the new stuff). It continues to be super fruity. The fruits are difficult to determine, but they seem to be a bit sour apple and like a loquat lozenge with a kiss of pink grapefruit. It just seems like a canned jelly mixture of pectin and delicate synthetic blossoms. The florals eventually become stronger than the fruits and it becomes less like those jelly candies that one may find at an Asian market. The florals last and mix with generic musks, a fruity musk, not a “skin” musk or “sensual” musk. It’s a bit humid and aquatic and this helps to make it a bit more fresh but still floral. It’s a fragrance that one could use the following words to describe: flirty, young, girly, carefree, and well, generic.

I don’t find this fragrance exciting or interesting one bit, but it does define a genre: fruity-floral. This genre isn’t my favorite but it has been popular for sometime, especially with a certain age group. The fragrance isn’t horrible. I just don’t like it for myself.

Notes listed include apple tree blossoms, yellow freesia, Italian mandarin, Japanese loquat, osmanthus, magnolia, linden blossom, purple freesia, boronia, musk, and white orris.

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Ralph comes in a few sizes with the 1.7 oz bottle retailing for $62 at Sephora. It can sometimes be found at discounters like 

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