R.I.P. Mona di Orio


Mona di Orio


On Friday, perfumer, Mona di Orio unexpectantly passed away. Like most of the fragrance community, her friends and family, I was shocked and without words unable to fully process this tragic news. I somberly put on the bright perfume, Lux, and had a “blog day of silence”. The world lost a talented artist and a passionate perfumer. Mona drew in old and new fans with Les Nombres d’Or Collection launched this year. I’ve loved her Signature Collection since the moment I sniffed them. Upon first whiff, one knew that Mona was talented.

Mona will be missed. We are without Mona but we have her perfumes, her legacy. My thoughts are with her family, friends, colleagues, and the fragrance community. R.I.P Mona di Orio.

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