Providence Perfume Co. Organic Perfumed Tea Collection Review

Providence Perfume Co. Tea

Fragrances and flavors go hand in hand. I’m actually surprised that more perfume brands don’t have flavorful luxuries (i.e. tea or chocolate) in their lines because it seems like such a natural pairing!¹ When a perfume brand offers ways for me to basically eat or drink perfume, I’m interested.

Providence Perfume Co. has six flavors of “a*poth*a*care*tea” AKA organic, perfumed loose leaf tea blended by an indie perfumer.

Disclaimer – I’m not a tea expert unlike many of my knowledgeable, dedicated friends. I’m more of a coffee drinker that dabbles into tea through peer pressure and curiosity. These are reviews from a “perfume person” angle instead of that of a tea sommelier.

Let’s me pour you a cup for our Providence Perfume Co. spring tea party:

Lillian Russell

Brambleberry Rose: black tea with hints of vanilla, rose, raspberry and cocoa.

It smells like cottage roses and rich, black tea. It tastes like you brewed your black tea in rose water. And I think that’s amazing.

Orange Blossom Oolong: a light tea with freesia scented milk oolong, orange blossom, lemon myrtle and jasmine flowers.

Smells like orange juice. The flavor is more complex. It’s a delicate citrus-y floral with a grassy, fresh crispness. As far as jasmine tea goes, this has been one of my favorites.

Yuzu Breakfast: torn black pekoe tea and Japanese yuzu.

Smells bright and sunny. This one tastes like a rich, black tea with a citrus zing. I’m from the South and trust me, this stuff is great iced and slightly sweetened.

Green Pearl : Chinese green teas leaves rolled into pearls and pan dried.

Smells grassy and green. This is really a non-perfumed tea but it is of good quality. It has a fresh, green and faintly smoky flavor.

Earl Grey & Lavender: green bergamot scented tea with lavender flowers.

Smells like bergamot and sharp lavender. This one differs from more traditional Earl Greys because it’s green tea based…and there’s lavender. To my surprise, the bergamot and lavender blend well with the grassy green tea. The overall flavor is milder and more mellow than traditional Earl Grey tea.

Violetta: jasmine green tea with Tahitian vanilla bean and night blooming jasmine

The unbrewed tea smells like sweet,creamy violets. It tastes so delicate. It’s floral with a little bit of sweetness. It tastes like you should be hosting a tea part in the forest and all your guests are little, fluffy bunny rabbits that wear clothes. Just say’n. I also think it’s the prettiest tea with its colorful specks of cornflower petals.

Providence Perfume Co. Violetta

Out of the entire collection, my favorites are Brambleberry Rose and Violetta. This shouldn’t surprise you at all since I tend to gravitate towards florals (and apparently sweeter teas!).

Each 12 oz jar retails for $28 at Providence Perfume Co. I highly recommend the Sampler Set that retails for $30. Not only is it an excellent gift, but it introduces you to the entire line so you can discover your favorites.

¹Some brands do. Such as Guerlain, a larger brand and smaller, natural brands like Providence Perfume Co., Ayala Moriel and Aftelier. I’m sure there are more that I’m not familiar with.

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