Providence Perfume Co. Moss Gown EDP Perfume Review

Providence Perfume Co. Moss Gown

Perfumer and mother, Charna Ethier, was inspired by the children’s book that she reads to her daughter, Moss Gown by William H. Hooks. This book is set in the bayous of the Deep South. Because of this, I expect something dark, muddy and possibly damp. Instead I get something sunny and bright; a country retreat for city-dwellers.

Moss Gown is a hay-like floral. I feel like at this stage if it were a color, it’d be yellow, like a goldenrod. With time, Moss Gown gets fruitier reminding me of apples and quince while keeping that feel of an open pasture. It’s like leaning against a fruit tree on a late summer day. There’s fresh florals but they aren’t distinctive to me, they are little colorful dots down the hillside. The dry-down of Moss Gown is a blanket of dry moss, “clean” cedar and patchouli.

Romy Schneider

Notes listed include sunflower essence, mimosa, cedarwood, South African chamomile, boronia, rose, coffee flower, narcissus, lilac, violet leaf, cedarmoss, sandalwood, and white cedarwood. Launch date 2012. PERFUMER – Charna Ethier

Give Moss Gown a try if you are looking for a natural chypre. Or if you like perfumes like Clinique Aromatics Elixir, Roxana Illuminated Perfume Hedera Helix, Ayala Moriel Ayalitta, and/or Estee Lauder Azuree. Moss Gown smells unisex to me. I do think Moss Gown has a natural quality to it that will attract fans of natural fragrances.

Moss Gown has average projection and longevity.

Moss Gown comes in a few sizes with the 1 oz EDP retailing for $140 at Providence Perfume Co.  A 5ml bottle is available at Beautyhabit for $45.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA pastoral natural chypre. Hay and my skin do not mix. So, Moss Gown wears slightly bitter and sour on me…I blame chamomile. If you have good luck with hay or chypres, try it.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided  by Providence Perfume Co. I am not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Providence Perfume Co.  Romy Schneider pic from Beautyhabit is an affiliate link. Thanks!

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