Providence Perfume Co. Moonflower Solid Natural Perfume Review

Providence Perfume Co. Moonflower

Providence Perfume Co. is a line of natural products that you will find me raving about on my blog frequently. Many of the EDPs are some of my favorites (Cocoa Tuberose, Ginger Lily) and the body oils are divine. I really enjoy the line’s solid perfume balms because they are so retro! They really are like the solid perfumes of the 1960’s but they’re 100% natural.

Moonflower is subtle white floral with a glimmer of tart citrus. Like the other solid perfume balms from Providence Perfume Co., this one blossoms on the skin with wear. It does well with some heat, rub it in to “activate”. The white florals become more apparent…and it’s not just one white flower, it wears as “night blooming white florals” in a garden. And these rest on a bed of creamy but slightly sour (like buttermilk) sandalwood. With the note list, one would expect a really loud fragrance, because of the medium, Moonflower is not a Fracas. This scent is more “green”.

Moonflower smells vintage, the medium is vintage too. It reminds me of one of my icons, Sandy Warner, the beauty on most of the Martin Denny album covers. She defines the Exotica look, the “tiki” beauty of the late 50’s and early 60’s. I imagine her wearing this while in a late 50’s Hollywood night club. She’s dolled up: tight wiggle dress, orange-red lipstick and extreme cat-eye liner. She smells like Moonflower in my mind.

Sandy Warner Primitiva

Notes listed include white flowers, night blooming jasmine, coffee flower, plumeria, tuberose, sandalwood and sweet orange. PERFUMER – Charna Ethier

Give Moonflower a try if you like “green” white florals (not sweet) or if you like perfumes like Annick Goutal Passion, Jean Patou Joy, LUSH Cocktail solid perfume, and/or Estee Lauder Azuree. This is a good fragrance for those that desire vintage style scents, like 1960’s feminines.

This is a solid perfume. I find that projection is minimal, it wears close to the skin. Longevity is average. I like the balmy sheen. It looks nice on collar bones. You can also mix it with a bit of loose shimmer powder and wear it just above the cleavage. I imagine this is what Sandy Warner would have done since so many people would be looking at her cleavage anyway.

The full-size of this solid perfume balm retails for $39 at Providence Perfume Co.

Here’s my review of Jazmina, more info on the texture of these balms.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONRetro white floral. It isn’t “me” (remember I’m working on loving white florals), but I can see many people enjoying this solid with a retro vibe.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by Providence Perfume Co. I am not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. Photo from Providence Perfume Co. Martin Denny album cover from

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