Providence Perfume Co. Heart of Darkness Natural Perfume Review

Providence Perfume Co. Heart of Darkness

Providence Perfume Co. Heart of Darkness is a natural fougère that is supposed to be a classic but “with a dark twist”. I think of Heart of Darkness like a “noir cologne”. It has classic elements associated with traditionally masculine fragrances (freshness or a “lift”) but it’s also “dark” and has depth.

Heart of Darkness opens with a clean lavender and lemon. For a truly clean trifecta, there’s an addition of pine/evergreens. This reminds me of classic men’s aftershave of the 1960’s. Underneath this, there’s a lot of moss and something that reminds me of spiced tobacco. As it dries down, it does smell like a dark forest. It’s a dry moss, cedar chips and a sweet, resinous sap. It’s not listed but I also get some sort of dried apricot and earthy patchouli. The dry-down is really smooth. It’s like a tonka/hay and aromatic amber. This fragrance does remind me of dark forests or like a shade of a really deep green.

I think of this fragrance as an “eau de cologne” for cool weather or evening wear. It’s fresh but it’s not your typical sunny, cheerful fragrance. It’s fresh but it’s also paired with deep, balsamic aromatic notes and woods. It’s sort of spooky, but in a really good way.


Notes listed include oakmoss, cedarmoss, lavender, vetiver, coffee, nutmeg, tonka bean, cedar and labdanum. Launched in 2016. PERFUMER – Charna Ethier

Give Heart of Darkness a try if you like natural fougères or are looking for a “noir cologne”. Or if you like perfumes like April Aromatics Erdenstern, Jolie Laide Jules et Jim, Alchemologie Sol de la Foret, DSH Perfumes Pandora and/or Ayala Moriel Fougère Classique. 

Projection is average and longevity is above average (for a natural perfume). I get about 7+ hours of wear from it.

A travel size 5ml bottle retails for $45 at Beautyhabit. The 1.7 oz bottle (pictured above) retails for $175 at Providence Perfume Co. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA “noir” fougère. I think of it like an eau de cologne for cool weather or evening. It somehow manages to be fresh but also goth/dark.

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2 thoughts on “Providence Perfume Co. Heart of Darkness Natural Perfume Review

  1. Ah, Heart of Darkness is one of my most absolute favorite fragrances, so I was excited to see your review come across my feed! I am a huge fan of Providence Perfume Co./Charna Ethier in general, but this particular scent knocked it out of the park for me. On me, it doesn’t wear like a cologne at all but rather a full-bodied, beautifully complex and rich perfume, with the loveliest smooth, warm dry-down. I’ve been wearing it the past few weeks and have been enjoying the journey it takes me on each time.

    1. I love the PPC line. She’s made me like notes that I didn’t know that I liked. I sort of feel that way about this one. Fougères aren’t my usual thing. In fact, most of them make me “uncomfortable” AKA I don’t like wearing them. But this one is a really good fragrance.

      I wouldn’t say it wears like a cologne because it’s not sheer/light. It has depth and it sticks around. But, for a split second in that opening with those fresh/clean notes, I’m reminded of the Mediterranean. Then it’s like BAM you are now in a deep, dark forest. It does take you on a journey!

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