Provence Sante Tilleul Linden Perfume Review

Provence Sante’s Tilleul or linden blossom is a simple, sweet and fresh linden soliflore. It is light and refreshing, making it perfume for warmer weather.

Tilleul smells like a mix of sweet limes and honeysuckle. It’s floral without being too heavy for summer. It’s also citrus-y without being like a traditional “eau de cologne”.

I have had mine for about a month and have went through so much of it. I think I have like a half a bottle left. I keep reapplying because I love the fragrance so much. I personally wish they would offer an EDP. I like to be fragrant all day long. And I live in a cooler climate. I can imagine that this will be one of my favorites in the summer. If you like linden or honeysuckle based scents or even mimosa based scents then you’ll probably like this one.

It can be found for under $40 on Amazon.

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