Primordial Scents Earth Perfumes

Primordial Scents Earth
Primordial Scents Earth

Continuing with the Primordial Scents Earth Perfumes:

Esscentual Alchemy Primordial Earth
Esscentual Alchemy Primordial Earth

Esscentual Alchemy Primordial Forest

Notes listed include woods, musks, green florals, spice and citrus. PERFUMER – Amanda Feeley

Primordial Forest reminds me of a cool, damp forest floor. I pick up on black licorice and dew. With time the perfume gets woodsier. I get fir and evergreen needles. What I love is how the citrus in this perfume emphasizes the natural citrusy and gingery aroma of evergreens. The dry down is slightly waxy and balsamic with a hint of lead pencil.

You’ll want to try this if you are looking for a “damp forest” perfume.

Envoyage Perfumes Durango
Envoyage Perfumes Durango EDP

Envoyage Perfumes Durango

Notes listed include sagebrush, pink pepper, citrus, salt, cactus flowers, laurel, pin, tumbleweed, creosote, heart wood and musk. PERFUMER -Shelley Waddington

Durango is inspired by Earth and Salt. Durango opens with the realistic smell of sagebrush and dust. There is dry pink pepper over zesty dry evergreen needles. The citrus in this gives a feel of a desert breeze. The dry down is dry woods and musk. Durango is an amazing fragrance. I have never tried anything else like it. It has this “vast” feeling, like being in the middle of the desert on a spiritual retreat.

This is a very attractive masculine fragrance. More men should smell like this. Trust me. It retails for $55-$75 at Envoyage Perfumes.

The Exotic Island Perfumer Oudh Nawab
The Exotic Island Perfumer Oudh Nawab

The Exotic Island Perfumer Oudh Nawab EDP 

Notes listed include turmeric, bergamot, black pepper, oudh from Borneo, Somalian golden myrrh, allspice, cardamom, cinnamon, saffron, Persian figs, dates, benzoin, patchouli, tonka bean, frankincense, landanum, vetiver, ambergris and musks. PERFUMER – Juan Perez

As soon as this touched my skin, I said, “this is good.” Oudh Nawab opens as a leather oud with energizing camphoric resins highlighted by tumeric. The heart reminds me of a spice market – exotic spices and dried fruits. Oudh Nawab is slightly honeyed. Oudh Nawab seems like it could be a cousin to Serge Lutens Arabie.

This is a stunning fragrance that uses oud in a supporting role and not in a leading role. I’m telling you, you need to keep this line on your radar. Oudh Nawab is unisex but I love to smell it on my husband. Because of this, it makes me view at as a masculine.

Oudh Nawab retails for $150 at The Exotic Island Perfumer.

Opus Oils Mother perfume
Opus Oils Mother

Opus Oils Mother

Notes listed include figs, roses, chocolate, and woods. PERFUMER – Kedra Hart

Mother opens as a fruity fragrance that reminds me of pineapple and strawberries in champagne. It’s so juicy. This is all over a woodsy, sweet cedar. There is a hint of earthy, smoky chocolate and roses. It’s like dark chocolate dipped rose petals. The fig takes some time to come out on my skin. When it does, it reminds me of “coconut woods”.

The edition of fig in a “mother earth” fragrance is exactly what I wanted in the EARTH Perfumes. I have always loved fig for what it represented – look at it’s shape, it’s colors, it’s texture…so sensual. And then look at the unique way it reproduces; fig is the perfect representation of creation. I’m very happy that the perfumer, Kedra Hart, went in this direction to represent Earth.

Mother is a very likable fragrance. I’ve been searching for a chocolate fig and now I’ve found it. Being the fig lover that I am, I need Mother in my collection.

Michael Storer Incubus
Michael Storer Incubus

Michael Storer Incubus

Incubus opens as pine tar and sap with a “ginger ale” lift. It’s aggressive and assertive, slightly stubborn like an Earth sign 😉 I get one of the best leathery vetivers that I’ve sniffed in years. It continues to wear as a salty vetiver with a smoky animalic quality.

I don’t care how many vetivers you have in your collection, you will want to try Incubus.

Arabesque Aromas Drann perfume
Arabesque Aromas Drann

Arabesque Aromas Drann

Drann opens with fresh herbs, reminding me of tarragon. This fragrance is cool, clean and like breathing in mountain air. It’s a bitter, green fragrance with woods. If it were a color, it’d be a kelly green. The dry-down is woodsy ambergris.

If you’re looking for a relaxing, meditative fragrance, try Drann.

Arabesque Aromas Drann perfume
Arabesque Aromas Drann – Notice the twig in the perfume sample.

I am an Earth sign. I’ve been told I’m a typical Taurus. I’m extremely stubborn and opinionated  but I’m flexible because if you aren’t, you break. I am overly objective and don’t make decisions based on emotion. I do like routines but I’m not resistant to change, I’ve always liked change.  It’s like I’m culturally an Earth sign and that’s it. As far as earth and these perfumes, I do feel they represent the changing of the seasons. Some of these perfumes are warm, other are cool. Drann is winter, Primordial Forest and Incubus are spring, Mother and Durango are summer, and Oudh Nawab is autumn. And I think every single one is logical and well thought out, an attribute of Earth signs.  Each of these perfumes had an inspiration and that inspiration was finely executed. These perfumes are a melding of logic and creativity.

Here is a post containing more info about the project and blog posts pertaining to this perfume event on Perfume Pharmer. You can sample these perfumes for $24 here. This is an awesome perfume project that has exposed me to some wonderful perfumes and perfumers. You can read my WATER post here.

*All photos are mine. Samples were given to me so that I would participate in the Primordial Scents Project.

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  1. Victoria,

    What a delightful review! Thanks so much 🙂 This has surely brightened my afternoon! I agree, that they are all well done Earth scents, and represent a wide range of what that can be. This has been a wonderful project, that I am grateful to have been a part of with so many talented people!
    Amanda aka AbsintheDragonfly recently posted..Scentual Sunday

    1. It is a great project and I’m so happy that Monica put this together. It has exposed me to many new perfumers. I loved sniffing through everyone’s interpretation.

  2. Love your take on the EARTH perfumes Victoria- and especially putting them into a seasonal category- that makes so much sense! These scents are all so dear to my heart and come from creative places within the perfumers to form a group of fragrances that is so much greater than the sum of its parts.

    1. It’s an amazing project and I can’t thank you enough for putting it together. All of the perfumer’s aboard have created genuine, thoughtful perfumes that go perfectly with the Primordial vision.

  3. A couple great ‘damp forest’ perfumes I’ve discovered are November in the Temperate Deciduous Forest by For Strange Women and Norne by Slumberhouse. Actually, Norne is more like ‘dank forest’. 😉 November is deciduous, Norne is balls out Pacific Northwest evergreen forest. November is a touch more feminine with a thread of neroli in it. Both great for jeans, flannel shirts and boots days.

    1. Haha, love your description of Norne! I have tried it and I totally agree.

      I really need to expand my For Strange Women exposure. I’ve tried 2 which I liked. I like the thought of neroli in a foresty perfume. I need to add that to my list!

      1. The neroli is like a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds and beaming down through the trees. Lovely. But it’s a wet forest scent too. There are mushrooms involved 😉

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