Precious Liquid Texture Collection Reviews

Precious Liquid Fresh Vetyver

I’ve been reviewing a new brand, Precious Liquid. This is a new perfume brand that offers three perfume collections (Exquisite, Pure and Texture¹) that contain three perfumes each. These are meant to wear alone or even to layer using the brand’s 3D Layering.

Precious Liquid markets all of their perfumes as unisex (because all perfumes are unisex). But, I’d say that the Texture Collection is more “traditionally masculine”.

Blue Agave

Notes listed include lime, blue agave, salted driftwoods, bay oil and sage.

Blue Agave is more traditionally masculine. It opens as “generic modern man”. There’s a bit of lime and pineapple over musky woods. The heart is more mineral/aquatic, like a sea breeze and woods. It dries down to sharp, sun-bleached woods and “aromatic musks”.

Initially I was disappointed by Blue Agave. But, it’s well done. My disappointment was that I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it. It’s better for someone that tends to call all EDPs “cologne” or for someone that likes the sort of scents that are marketed as masculine. Once my spouse wore it, I was able to distance myself from my expectations. It smells absolutely wonderful on him. There are plenty of fragrances in this genre, but Blue Agave is one of the more impressive ones.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONHunky beachside bartender. It’s like mojitos, salt air, resort beaches and big biceps. So, it’s not something I’m going to wear but it’s something I enjoy smelling.

The brand says it “Harmonzies with Juniper and Fresh Vetyver“.

Fresh Vetyver

Notes listed include green cardamom, fresh ginger, Haitian vetiver, violet wood, orris absolute and guaiac wood.

Fresh Vetyver is a fresh fragrance. It opens as spicy, green cardamom that is mouth-watering. The vetiver is grassy and green. The heart is like a ginger steam. The heart is like smoky vetiver with fresh ginger. There’s a powdery iris and modern woods. Overall, it’s a really great full-bodied vetiver that feels modern.

Fresh Vetyver is my favorite out of the Texture Collection. It’s somewhere between Tom Ford Grey Vetiver and Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling. It’s modern and great for “day wear”.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – Ginger and vetiver. I’m really enjoying this one.

The brand says it “Harmonizes with Blue Agave, Juniper, Mandarine and Neroli Musk“. I also like it with their Bergamote.

Billy Dee Williams


Notes listed include juniper berries, violet leaves, sage, rosemary and crisp woods.

Juniper is a fresh, woodsy scent. It opens with crisp, green violets and dew. It then turns into a gin and tonic. It’s limes, gin and ice cubes. The heart is radiant. There’s still that gin and tonic but there’s a jasmine/lime (hedione, maybe?) that adds an extra amount of freshness to this composition. The dry-down is aromatic herbs, sharp woods and fresh, white musk. If I had tried this sooner, I’m sure I would have included it in my Summer Perfume Guide. Juniper is the sort of refreshing perfume that can cut through humidity and convince you that you aren’t really a fleshy blob covered in sweat.

If I had to compare Juniper to other perfumes that I’ve worn before, I’d say it’s somewhere between Balenciaga L’Essence and L’Art de Parfum Gin and Tonic Cologne but with a sharp, crisp woodsy base. So, a more “masculine” version of those two perfumes.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONGin and tonic garnished with violet leaves. It’s fresh without being boring.

Brand says it “Harmonizes with Fresh Vetyver, Blue Agave, Mandarine and Bergamote“. Yep, it does.

Precious Liquid Texture Collection

Projection and longevity of these are average. The longest wearing one on me was Blue Agave.

The Texture Collection wasn’t my favorite but that’s because I’m not its market. I think this is a collection worth checking out if you like perfumes that are marketed as masculine but want something of better quality. These are “traditionally masculine” themes (vetiver, aquatics and woods) but much better than designer offerings. I know that sounds snobby, but they are.

Precious Liquid Texture Collection comes in a few sizes with the 2.5 oz bottle retailing for $235 and roll-ons for $68 at Precious Liquid. The 3D Scent Set (collection of three roll-ons) retails for $165 and comes in a lovely brown leather sleeve. Samples are also available for purchase.

¹Don’t leave just yet! Check out my reviews of the other collections: Exquisite and Pure.

*Disclaimer – Samples provided by PR. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product pics from the brand. A very young Billy Dee Williams by Carl Van Vechten from