Precious Liquid Pure Collection Reviews

Precious Liquid Pure

Precious Liquid is a new brand of perfumes founded by wife and husband (Geo, a model turned entrepreneur and Richard Herpin¹, a classically trained perfumer).  The perfumes are labeled as if they are single note/soliflores but they are more complex than their names imply. Precious Liquid encourages layering of their scents. There’s an option to buy fragrances in a set, 3D Set², so that you can layer as you please with perfumes that were built to work with one another. Or you have the option to wear them alone. They are complex enough for solo wear.

Currently there are three collections (Pure, Texture, Exquisite)³. Each collection contains three fragrances. I’m reviewing the Pure Collection, a collection of refreshing, “light” scents that focuses on citrus notes.


Notes listed include Italian mandarin, rhubarb, myrrh, precious wood and soft musk blend.

Mandarine is a radiant fragrance. It’s like rays of light. It’s a sharp scent that opens with lemons and a bitter, green rhubarb. One would think from the name that Mandarine would be more of a mandarin orange scent. Instead it’s a crisp, lemon-y incense. It’s acrid resins. It reminds me somewhat of one of my favorite perfumes, Serge Lutens La Myrrhe. It’s because Mandarine is aldehydic, radiant and heavy on the myrrh. Unlike La Myrrhe, it doesn’t have indolic notes. It dries down to musks and church-y incense resins.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONSunlight coming through a basilica’s stained glass. I love it. I’ve worn this one frequently this summer, even layering it with the others I’m reviewing today.

Brand says, “Harmonizes with Neroli Musk and Bergamote“. I agree. I also liked layering it with their White Incense.

Neroli Musk

Notes listed include clean musky skin accord, neroli, sandalwood and citrus

Neroli Musk is what the name implies – a musky neroli. It opens with a bitter neroli that reminds me of orange blossom water. It really does have a “skin musk” accord. I love neroli soliflores but they tend to evaporate so quickly. This is one of the few neroli-centric scents that sticks to the skin. Thank you, musk. The dry-down is a that warm “skin musk” with a hint of sandalwood.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – Neroli musk. An original opinion, I know. But, that’s exactly what it smells like. It smells like bitter orange blossom water and a soft, cuddly musk.

Brand says, “Harmonizes well with Mandarine, Fresh Vetyver, Juniper and Bergamote“. It does.


Notes listed include verbena, Italian bergamot, galbanum, neroli and musks.

Bergamote is a green citrus. The opening is almost minty since it’s so fresh and so cool. It wears like tarragon, crushed greens and a bright, tangy neroli. The heart is like limes, lemons and a fresh herb garden. It’s not listed, but I swear that I get a faint green patchouli that gives the impression of stems and branches. The dry-down is like moss, musk and modern woods. with the fainest trace of citrus peel.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – Muddled citrus and green herbs. It’s such a fresh fragrance without smelling like an old fashioned/classic “eau de cologne”. I’m such a sucker for a citrus that leans green, though.

Brand says, “Harmonizes well with Neroli Musk and Mandarine“. I agree.  I also liked it with their Fresh Vetyver.

Martin Munkacsi

Each of the perfumes are great citrus-centric perfumes on their own. However, they really do layer marvelously together. I’m one of those purist that generally doesn’t layer scents. I’ve always seen it as a gimmick to try to get me to buy more bottles of perfume (who I am kidding? I already have too many bottles of perfume!). Precious Liquid has made a skeptic layer perfumes and get this…I actually liked it. Precious Liquid converted me.

To my surprise, these citrus heavy scents don’t evaporate in 30 minutes. Their projection and longevity are above average (for a citrus). I get 8-10 hour wear from these!

Overall, I think this is a great collection to try if you like citrus fragrances. Or if you are looking for a citrus that is fresh and “light” but actually sticks around and may ask you how your day has been. I absolutely love Mandarine. It may be my favorite from the brand. But, I like the other two Pure scents as well. They’re unisex and perfect for summer and for “daily wear”.

Precious Liquid perfumes are available in a few sizes. The 2.5 oz bottles retail for $235 and roll-ons for $68 at Precious Liquid. The 3D Scent Set (3 roll-ons) retails for $165 and comes in a gorgeous leather sleeve.

¹Nose of perfumes such as Badgley Mischka, Tom Ford Oud Wood, a few of the Marc Jacobs splashes and Amouage Opus VIII.

²3D Set is what you see pictured. It comes in a lovely pebble leather sleeve (this leather is amazing, reminds me of Alexander Wang bags like Rockie). They suggest wearing each scent on a different part of the body: neck, chest/”heart” and wrists. Together this will create a scent with movement. Or you can just buy the 3D Set to get each roll-on at a cheaper price than their individual price…and in a lovely leather sleeve.

³I’ll be posting reviews of the other 2 Collections in the next few weeks.

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*Disclaimer – Product provided by PR. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product pic is mine. Martin Munkácsi (June 1936) pic from Harpers Bazaar. Nordstrom contains an affiliate link.

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