PK Perfumes Gold Leather EDP Perfume Review

PK Perfumes Gold Leather

PK Perfumes Gold Leather is an indie perfume that the perfumer meant to be “a beautifully glowing warm Leather”. Wearing Gold Leather, I’m reminded of Rio Carnival. It’s a colorful, dynamic leather fragrance.

To my surprise, Gold Leather opens as fruity and juicy yet the leather is immediately noticeable. Oddly enough, the leather reminds me of like a box of new sneakers since there is rubberiness to the scent (that I think is coming from the white florals). It’s succulent tropical fruits (like guava and red cherries), heady white florals and new leather. My favorite stage of Gold Leather is about 1-2 hours into the wear. It becomes a softer suede-like white floral and almond with a sheer, resinous amber. It’s like “nag champa” meets suede. Gold Leather is a long-wearing fragrance that eventually dries down to a muskier, nuttier version of the heart with an addition of dry moss. This dry-down reminds me of those va-va-voom French floral chypres of the 1950’s. Except this one is a modern interpretation. Gold Leather is a lively, bright tropical fruity-floral leather and amber.

Olive Borden

Notes include gardenia, tuberose, ylang ylang, helychrysum (immortelle), honeysuckle, lily, jasmine, cananga (ylang-ylang), genet, guava, red mandarin, bergamot, smoke tree, amberwood, tobacco, clary sage, patchouli, oakmoss, leather, benzoin, tonka, styrax, fossilized amber, amber, musk and civet. Launched 2013. PERFUMER – Paul Kiler

Give Gold Leather a try if you like leathery florals. Or if you like perfumes like Memo French Leather, Phaedon Antigua, Banana Republic Wildbloom and/or Naomi Goodsir Cuir Velours. If you like the idea of a tropical fruity-floral with a heavy dose of leather, this is a perfume you should sample.

Projection and longevity are above average.

Gold Leather comes in a few sizes with the 1 oz retailing for $110 at PK Perfumes. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONJuicy, fruity suede floral that reminds me of Rio Carnival. It’s called a leather fragrance but I think of it as a really captivating fruity-floral.

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7 thoughts on “PK Perfumes Gold Leather EDP Perfume Review

  1. I just ordered a sample it sounded so intriguing. I’m not normally a white florals kind of gal but I am trying to expand my horizons, and I like my sample of Flowerhead that I got after your review of that.

    1. Glad you liked Flowerhead 🙂

      This one is different but that’s not bad. It may push you out of your usual comfort zone because of the leather. But, it’s worth sampling just because it is different. You never know unless you try.

      1. I think it is the mix of leather in there that appeals to me and I do love fruity florals. Sometimes it is fun to go outside your comfort zone and I end up liking a lot of the perfumes you review. I can’t even count how many of your recommendations I have tried by now, but you are bad for my wallet lol! (I’m sure you’ve heard that before).

  2. Woah this scent sounds really intriguing! I would definitely want to smell it. We actually have a list of amazing floral perfumes but we completely love the Serge Lutens La Vierge de Fer. You have to check it out, such an amazing bold yet refreshing scent of lily, its amazing! Let us know if you ever get to try it & what you think of it.

    Happy Shopping.

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