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Pirouette Roses Are Red Aromatherapy Soap Review

Pirouette Roses Are Red Bar Soap

Here’s my favorite rosy bar soap. Ever.

The fragrance: Oh my, this fragrance is superb. It’s one of those fruity roses but it has a “bread” like base. In my mind, all “good” roses have a bit of bread too them and this is one of them. It’s a fruity-rose floral, very intoxicating, focusing on the natural fruity aspects of rose. However, there is a generous dose of cedar and sandalwood. The final result is an exotic smelling rose attar bar soap. I love this fragrance. If you are looking for something to layer with your Pirouette Rose Musk perfume, this is it. (My review of that EDP here). This bar soap does leave the skin scented. I used it and applied a fragrance-free body cream. I actually forgot to apply a perfume for the day (yes, sometimes that happens). I later smelled the beautiful scent of cedar and roses. Where was it coming from? Oh, me. The amount of fragrance concentration in this soap is easily comparable to fancy bar soaps from Dior, Penhaligon’s, or Prada. It’s very fragrant from start to finish.

The formula: The bar soap is an opaque white. It is in a rich oil and sustainable palm oil base. The bar lathers and rinses off easily. It may be too drying for extremely dry skin types. It works well with my skin, but remember, I follow-up with an oil daily.

This 4 oz. bar soap retails for $8 and is available at Piroutte Handmade Essentials, a beautiful, fragrant little line located in Seattle.

*Disclaimer – This bar was given to me as a gift from Pirouette.
Product picture from Pirouette.

11 thoughts on “Pirouette Roses Are Red Aromatherapy Soap Review

  1. SOLD! I was look for a little no-buy cheat to buy tonight and you just convinced me to try this!

    1. I hope that you love it! Didn’t mean to break your no-buy!
      I really love this soap. I’m also a fan of Jasmine Musk, Rose Musk, and Moss Garden perfumes.

  2. Have been reading through your Rose Week posts and it’s been wonderful, as I haven’t tried any of the ones you’ve mentioned, and I do love rose perfumes. The ones that sound the most intriguing to me are the DSH American Beauty and this very decadent sounding soap you posted about here.

    I’m glad that Olfactoria pointed the way here in her post today — reminding me that yours is another beautiful blog I need to add to my reading list. I remember landing here before, when I was following the Gifts of the Magi blog series in December (as soon as I saw your gorgeous photo in your most recent beauty post, I remembered). Love the mix of glamourous makeup and perfumes…will definitely be back!

    1. Thank you for reading!
      Do you have a favorite rose perfume? I’m trying to expose myself to more roses.
      American Beauty is beautiful and I recommend trying it. It’s very classic smelling, the base is amazing.

  3. Hmmm…can’t say I have a favorite, as I seem to go through phases with my perfumes. But I find that when I want a real simple rose perfume that makes me pretty and sort of glowy, like an English rose, I like Creed Fleurs de Bulgarie. And when I want a dressed-to-the-nines and feelin’ glamorous rose, I often choose L’Arte di Gucci. The two are very opposite kinds of fragrances in terms of their sensibilities, but I love them both. 🙂

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