Pirouette Essentials Jasmine Musk EDP Perfume Review

Pirouette Essentials Jasmine Musk EDP Perfume review

Months ago I was introduced to Pirouette Essentials, a natural perfume line hailing from here in Seattle. I fell in love with Rose Musk, comparing it to Montale and By Kilian. Here’s my review, in case you missed it. My second favorite fragrance in the line is Jasmine Musk. I would easily compare it to much more expensive perfume houses as well.

Pirouette Jasmine Musk opens up as a beautiful, natural jasmine. It’s a very heady jasmine, almost gasoline-ish if you apply a couple of sprays. I prefer this one dabbed. My tolerance of indoles must change daily. My first few notes of trying Jasmine Musk, said “a gentle, summer breeze like jasmine“. My follow-up notes say “spicy, skanky indoles“. You know your indole tolerance 😉 I think my tolerance is now skewed after sampling LUSH Lust. The opening of Jasmine Musk is slightly spicy, reminding me of “spiced lilies” mingling with jasmine. Jasmine Musk  is very long-wearing like the entire Pirouette line. The dry-down is so good. It’s powdered cedar sawdust with a warm skin musk. The powderiness is from amber. It isn’t overly resinous. The base is mainly “cedar sawdust”, a dry cedar. Jasmine Musk is interesting because it isn’t a full-blow feminine white floral bouquet or a jasmine “lightened” by sparkling citrus and neroli. Jasmine Musk has some darkness/mystery to it. It’s slightly masculine. It’s good stuff. Apparently good stuff doesn’t have to be expensive.

Jasmine fans, what we have here is a very nice natural jasmine. Try it. This is better than the jasmines released by Montale and this Pirouette retails for under $30. Seriously. Give Pirouette Essentials Jasmine Musk a try if you like perfumes like Montale Jasmin Full, Keiko Mecheri Genie de Bois, Piguet Fracas, Amouage line, and/or By Kilian line. I think Jasmine Musk could be unisex because of the spice and cedar.

Notes listed include jasmine, amber, and cedar.

The 1 oz. EDP spray of Jasmine Musk retails for $28 and is available at Pirouette Essentials.

Product picture is from Pirouette.

12 thoughts on “Pirouette Essentials Jasmine Musk EDP Perfume Review

    1. There’s a few real gems in the line. And she’s local. The soaps are really, really good. Roses Are Red is amazing. I think a few of the scents are available at Whole Foods in OR, maybe PDX.

  1. Hi there – I’m very intrigued also. As a big of fan of Tom Ford’s Jasmine Musk, how does it shape up in comparison?

    1. In my opinion, other than the name, they aren’t very similar. TF has a banana, tropical ylang-ylang jasmine opening with a really clean-spicy dry-down. Pirouette is more of a natural jasmine with spice and a cedar dry-down. Pirouette is darker/denser and TF is lighter/sheerer. I hope that helps!

  2. This sounds really interesting. Thanks for sharing! I have never heard of this brand before.

  3. Thank you so much for this review, I’ve been looking for a Jasmine just like this and bought the bottle based on your review and couldn’t be happier with it! Yay for indolic, skanky jasmine, and longlasting too! And with amber and cedar, wow….

    Her prices have gone up a tiny bit, but still ridiculously cheap for the quality, I’m very tempted to buy a second bottle just in case it disappears or the prices sky rocket.

    1. Yeah! So happy you like it! I love it. And that price can not be beat.

      I need to update. I was aware that prices went up due to the increase of the cost of raw materials. Honestly, I don’t know how she makes a profit because it’s still dirt cheap and high-quality.

      I bought a backup bottle because I thought it was too good to be true 😉 I’m thinking with these naturals that they’ll only get more intense and luscious smelling with time so I don’t regret buying an extra at all.

      Rose Musk is equally as fab.

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