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Pinrose Petals

Pinrose is a new perfume line that currently has ten different perfumes created by professionally trained Noses. Each scent is associated with an image, paired with an alcoholic beverage and songs that I’m not cool enough to know about (except for the Robyn one, I know Robyn and well, Lykke Li). In addition, they come with “traits” and a suggestion of what sort of activity they’re perfect for. The brand talks about “synesthesia” but I think what they are trying to say is “multi-sensory” because pairing a matching image with a perfume concept is well, just marketing. It doesn’t make one a synesthete. But, I really don’t feel like getting into all of that. I just want to try a new-to-me line of perfume.

I was sent “petal packs” as you can see above. These are like one time fragrance wipes/towelettes. I’m sure these are great for travel because you don’t have to worry about leakage or breaking. However, I want to note that when test fragrances I wear them multiple times. I couldn’t do that with Pinrose since I only have single use samples. So, in this case, let’s call these “mini” reviews because these are my initial impressions from the one time that I wore them.

Oh, and Pinrose talks about “customized” scents. This means you can take a quiz to see which ones are predicted for you. If there is a “*” marked next to it, these were recommended for me based on the quiz.

Pinrose Campfire Rebel

*Campfire Rebel with notes of whiskey, raspberry, burning oud, vetiver and vanilla bourbon. PERFUMER – David Apel

I get the the impression that this is the grunge-y, “anti-perfume” perfume out of the collection. It’s all flannel, jean cut-offs and Dr. Martens. 

Campfire Rebel opens as peat, like scotch, with a smoky synth oud. For most of the wear on me, it’s like smoky but damp vetiver. it really does smell like camping. And then it dries down to a boozy vanilla with vetiver.

Give Campfire Rebel a try if you like smoky scents. Or perfumes like La Curie Faunus, Tom Ford Oud Wood, Le Labo Patchouli 24, Naomi Goodsir Bois d’Ascese and/or YOSH Sombre Negra. I consider this scent unisex and out of the ten, it’s more “niche”.

Final EauPINION – Campfire vetiver. I’d say this is my favorite from the line.

Pinrose Rooftop Socialite

*Rooftop Socialite with notes of lime, Italian bergamot, mandarin, freesia, hedione, apple blossom, white musk and cedarwood. PERFUMER – Ilias Ermenidis

I think this one is marketed to trendy women much younger than me. It’s all neon and is really happy to have an ID stating that it’s 21.

Rooftop Socialite opens as a really sharp citrus. It then turns into this lime with a clean, fresh laundry musk. The jasmine and other florals in this are radiant and airy. With wear, Rooftop Socialite blooms into this veil of jasmine and white musk over a sharp, dry cedar and moss. I’m really surprised by how much I like this base. It’s like a femme version of the base in Monsieur Balmain of Dior Eau Sauvage. And I didn’t expect for it to go in that direction at all.

Try if you like bright citrus scents. Or perfumes like Demeter Frozen Margarita, LUSH Calacas, Pacifica Bali Lime Papaya and/or L’Artisan Parfumeur Batucada. Being a sharp citrus and airy floral, I see this one working nicely in warmer climates.

Final EauPINION – Laundry lime. This one really isn’t for me because I’m really hard to please when it comes to citrus. I do like it once the top notes burn off because it really is like a more feminine take on a classic citrus aromatic. I may not love it, but I can see anyone that likes the idea of smelling like a perfumer’s interpretation of a blended margarita wanting to give this one a try.

Pinrose Merry Maker

Merry Maker –  notes of nectarine, grapefruit, cassis, violet, rose, plum, musk, moss and tonka. PERFUMER – Christelle Laprade

This is marketed as the laid-back weekend brunch perfume. Also, it’s paired with a song that I thought was just for commercials but I guess it’s a legit song¹. Being a closet goth, I don’t know if this one is marketed to me 😉 But, I do love brunch.

Merry Maker opens up as a fruity, tart citrus that does remind me of a bellini with creme de cassis. It’s like berries, peaches and grapefruit with violet syrup. And then it dries down to a sweet floral with a white musk.

Give Merry Maker a try if you like fruity-florals. Or perfumes like Tory Burch, Mariah Carey Luscious Pink, Paris Hilton Heiress and/or Kylie Minogue Pink Sparkle. Or if you want to smell like a bellini.

Final EauPINION – Bellini-like fruity floral. Fits with the marketing but it’s really not me. And I didn’t expect for it to be.

Pinrose Moonlight Gypsy

Moonlight Gypsy with notes of cardamom, mandarin, cherry, orange blossom, gaiacwood, praline, Indonesian patchouli, vetiver and sandalwood. PERFUMER – Ilias Ermenidis

This makes me think that the quiz is broken. I can tell this is supposed to be the moody, weird girl one paired with Lykke Li and it wasn’t recommend to me. Anyway.

Moonlight Gypsy opens as a spicy cherry with a gaiacwood that comes across like motor oil. Moonlight Gypsy wears as a spicy, smoky cherry with a hint of candle wax. There’s a woodsy patchouli and creamy sandalwood. It dries down to dark, smoky woods.

Give Moonlight Gypsy a try if you are looking for a cherry scent or if you like smoky scents. Or if you like perfumes like CdG Play Red, Etate Libre d’Orange Bendelirious, Blood Concept B, Sweet Anthem Petra, Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black and/or Avon Fire Me Up (RIP). Out of the ten, this one smells more “niche” and original.

Final EauPINION – Spicy, smoky cherry like a “dark” cherry. I’m such a sucker for cherry-scented stuff (nostalgia) and really like this one because it’s cherry paired with smoke. This proves that the quiz is broken 😉 This is one of my favorites.

Pinrose Ballroom Philospher

Ballroom Philosopher with notes of Italian bergamot, lemon, apple, lavender, peony, mandarin petals, creamy sandalwood, amber and cedarwood. PERFUMER – Nathalie Benareau

The one meant to be all elegant and sophisticated. My best guess is that it’s a more “mature” fragrance.

Ballroom Philospher opens as a citrus with crisp apples. It turns into a dewy abstract floral over a soft amber. It’s not really what I expected it to be.

Give Ballroom Philosopher a try if you like fruity florals or abstract floral. Or if you like perfumes like Banana Republic Wildbloom Rouge, Marc Jacobs Daisy, Illuminum Skin Petals, Tocca Simone and/or Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for Her.

Final EauPINION – Abstract apple floral. Doesn’t excite me but it’s well done for this post-Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue genre.

pinrose sugar bandit

Sugar Bandit with notes of caramel, white chocolate, vanilla, cedarwood and sandalwood. PERFUMER – Harry Fremont

Yep, the sweet and wholesome one…paired with Sam Cooke “Cupid” because that is just how sweet and wholesome it is. I don’t hate gourmands so I looked forward to trying this one.

Sugar Bandit opens up like burnt sugar and a “whipped” musk. The notes would lead one to believe that this is a thick “sticky” scent but it isn’t. Yes, it’s sweet but it has a light “airiness” to it. It’s almost like a caramel meringue in its texture. It wears mostly like burnt sugar and then seamlessly transforms into a white chocolate mousse balanced by soft woods.

Give Sugar Bandit a try if you like gourmands. Or perfumes like Costamor Dulcess, Prada Candy, Laura Mercier Eau Gourmande Creme Brulee, B&BW Warm Vanilla Sugar and/or B&BW Cashmere Glow.

Final EauPINION – “Whipped” caramel. One to try if you like gourmands. I appreciate the “airiness” of it.

Pinrose Pillowtalk Poet

Pillowtalk Poet with notes of powder, geranium, clove leaf, ambergris, musk, amber and sandalwood. PERFUMER – Vito Lenoci

I think this one is marketed to be the soft, cozy fragrance that is the “skin scent” out of the group.

Pillowtalk Poet is a powdery musk. It’s like baby powder and white musk. When it dries down, it’s more musk. But, it’s less powdery. It’s like an ambery musk. Both “stages” are pretty darn retro – like Love’s Baby Soft turns into Alyssa Ashley Musk. This one lasted forever on my skin because of all that musk.

Try it if you like powdery scents. Or perfumes like Santa Maria Novella Muschio, i Profumi di Firenze Talco Delicato, Jovan White Musk for Her, Clean Original, Love’s Baby Soft and/or Avon Sweet Honesty.

Final EauPINION – Powdery white musk. It’s like a retro musk.

Pinrose Treehouse Royal

*Treehouse Royal – notes of cassis, pear, fig, jasmine, violet, white peony, vanilla bourbon, Haitian vetiver and moss. PERFUMER – Ilias Ermenidis

I think this one is marketed to the Amélies, like quirky and charming Francophiles…or Anglophiles. You know, whatever, Europe. It’s all about the scarves, red wine and a piano soundtrack. Anyway, the artwork paired with this one is my favorite. And there’s fig listed, so I’m hopeful.

Treehouse Royal opens as a bitter green fig and tangy cassis. It’s crisp in that brisk “early fall” way. The heart is a humid, fresh jasmine with a hint of harvest pears with a woodsy “bark” background. It wears as a dewy, bitter floral and then dries down to this warm, sweet fig leaf with creamy woods.

Try if you like fig paired with florals. Or if you like scents like TokyoMilk Ex Libris, Love & Toast Dew Blossom, Antica Farmacista Fico Verde, The Body Shop Dewberry and/or A Beautiful Life No. 6.

Final EauPINION – Jasmine fig. I like it but I tend to always like figs. And I give it props because it actually does pair nicely with pinot noir (like it said it would!).

Pinrose Surf Siren

Surf Siren with notes of lavender, orange oil, basil, petit grain and neroli. PERFUMER – Vito Lenoci

Yep, the sea one.

Surf Siren is an aromatic lavender with citrus. I find it needs a minute or two to settle because it does venture into cleaning product territory until it settles. After settling, it does smell like a “sea breeze”. It’s a fresh ozonic aromatic with lavender and fresh basil. It dries down to a mineral lavender.

Give Surf Siren a try if you like sea inspired scents. Or if you like perfumes like Comptoir Sud Pacifique Aqua Motu, Ebba Miss Marisa Marine, Inis and/or Il Profumi di Firenze Brezza di Mare. I view Surf Siren as unisex.

Final EauPINION – Seaside, ozonic lavender. It’s fresh and clean. And I do like that it went “aquatic” without throwing in melon and cucumber notes.

Pinrose Renegade Starlet

Renegade Starlet with notes of tiare flower, bergamot, freesia, gardenia, jasmine, frangipani, vanilla bean and amber. PERFUMER – Richard Herpin

This is supposed to be the like “uptown” date night fragrance.

Renegade Starlet is a white floral. It opens with gardenia and like Earl Grey tea that fades to a waxy, tropical white floral that reminds me of tiare and frangipani. It dries down to a fainter version of the warm white floral heart.

Try if you like white florals. Or perfumes like Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia, Aerin Lauder Gardenia Rattan, Monyette Paris and/or Kim Kardashian. These sort of “synth” white florals can be difficult for some people but if you wear any that I mentioned, I could see you really liking this one.

Final EauPINION – White tropical floral. It’s not really ground breaking or anything revolutionary but it is pretty and fits with the “date night” theme.

Whooo! That was a lot of content but I wanted to cover each one and give the experience of digging though the Pinrose wardrobe.

One of the things that surprised me about the “Petals” is that they do last on the skin just as long (or longer) than a spray EDP. Projection and longevity is average with Pillowtalk Poet being above average.

Out of sampling all of these, my personal favorites from the line were: Moonlight Gypsy, Campfire Vetiver and Sugar Bandit. So the quiz was like 33% correct…

My overall impressions of the line is that they’re approachable. If I had to compare to other brands, I’d say they’re comparable to ToykoMilk, Pacifica, Tocca and certain designer brands. I also think the line does lean younger (like high school and university age). For example, the line is available at retailers like Urban Outfitters. 

So, what do you think? Do any of these stand out to you as something you’d like to try?

All the scents come  in “petals” which $16 for a pack of 25 single use towelettes or as an 1 oz EDP for $50 at Pinrose.


¹It is “5 Years Time” by Noah and the Whale and I hope I never have to hear it again. Plus, the whistling makes Frink the Frug lose his sh*t.

*Disclaimer – Samples provided by Pinrose. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. First pic of the Petals is mine. All other images are from Pinrose.

7 thoughts on “Pinrose Perfume Collection Reviews & Overview

  1. I got three free “petals” when they were offering them, and like you only one of the three their quiz recommended seemed to be something I’d like. So far I’ve only tried Moonlight Gypsy (not one they recommended), and I did quite like it, with its non-cloying sweetness and substantial dose of cardamom, but I’m not about to spend $50 on one ounce of perfume without trying it a few times and knowing how it actually wears. I got 3ish hours with the “petal.”

    1. I think people that are really into perfume don’t do well with quizzes. We tend to have a “wide range” but we’re really picky within that range (if that makes sense). Like I should have checked that I don’t like citrus but the deal is that I *do* like some and I don’t like to limit myself when sampling 🙂

      When you break it down to cost per ml, you can pretty much buy any perfume for that price (well, not any but most, like CdG can be $110 for 100 ml, Etat Libre d’Orange is $80 for 50ml). So, at that price I would want to try it more than once before purchasing.

      I do need to say that since I was reviewing with only 1 sample per wear, I really laid it on. I coated an entire arm with the petal so I’d have more circumference to see how the fragrance wore/progressed/etc. I got about 6-7 hours per scent, longer with Pillowtalk. But, that’s my best guess on one wear. Usually I “average” longevity after numerous wears but couldn’t do that with these so I just did my best “estimate”.

  2. I got three free petals during the offer, too. I think they were Campfire Rebel, Moonlight Gypsy, and Pillowtalk Poet. I chose them from the notes listed; I don’t remember what was recommended by the quiz. They all smelled OK, but none of them really grabbed me.

    1. I didn’t realize they had a free Petals thing going on. It’s good that they let you choose based on notes. I think most of us sort of have some idea of what we like or at least what we think we like. Because if I went by notes listed, I would have ended up with those three too.

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