Phoenix Botanicals Night Bloom Botanical Perfume Review

Phoenix Botanicals Night Bloom

Phoenix Botanicals is a line of botanical perfumes and all-natural skincare located in Brooklyn. I’m going to go ahead and let you know that I love this line and highly recommend that you give it a try. There’s Absinthe Lip Balm, Bonfire Rose Perfume, and healing skincare for the face and body. Everything that I’ve tried, I’ve loved. My first formal review of the line is going to include my favorite (well, as of now), Night Bloom. It’s inspired by moonlight walks by the Pacific. On my skin, it’s 100% opulence.

Night Bloom opens with intoxicating jasmine and an orange creamsicle. The orange blossom in this is top rate, naturally stunning. The scent is heady with indoles and really does smell like being in warm Southern California when the orange blossoms are in bloom. It continues to wear as this creamy jasmine white floral (and I love every second of it). The dry-down is a sweet, boozy vanilla-tonka with ancient resins and a creamy sandalwood. Decadence, that’s what it dries down too.

Night Bloom does remind me of Southern California and warm nights. However, I get “flirty flapper in her boudoir”. And she could possibly be in Southern California…

Dixie Lee

Notes listed include orange flowers, jasmine, rose, vanilla, sustainable sandalwood, resins and myrrh. PERFUMER – Irina Adam

Or if you like perfumes like By Kilian Sweet Redemption, Serge Lutens Fleurs d’Oranger, Smell Bent Sunshine, Esscentual Alchemy Orange Cream, and/or Atelier Cologne Grand Neroli. I find this fragrance unisex, for anyone that wants to smell “sultry”. Seriously, I prefer Night Bloom over By Kilian Sweet Redemption. It’s the same theme but Night Bloom has more soul, more warmth, more sensuality.

Not that this matters, but my husband goes nuts for this one. I wear so many perfumes and none of them illicit any reaction (unless, they’re really “gross”), but this one, he won’t stop sniffing. He says I should wear it all of the time. It’s nice that we agree on a fragrance because that never happens.

Longevity is below average in comparison to other parfums. I get about 4-6 hours of wear (which isn’t terrible for an all-natural perfume). Projection is average to above average, depending on how much you apply.

The 1/4 oz oil retails for $48 at Phoenix Botanicals. Other sizes and samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONDecadent orange blossom-jasmine with a boozy, amazingly high-quality vanilla-tonka. This may be one of my favorite natural finds of 2013. If I had a seal of approval (which I think about creating sometimes), I’d slap it on every bottle of Night Bloom in creation. But for now, just take my word for it. If you like white florals and excellent vanillas, try this.

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 *Discclaimer – Sample provided by Phoenix Botanicals. I am not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Phoenix Botanicals. Dixie Lee pic from

16 thoughts on “Phoenix Botanicals Night Bloom Botanical Perfume Review

  1. Victoria, thank you! Honored & thrilled to read that you (two) are enjoying this sultry blend.
    Flirty flapper in her budoir, yes please! And, intrigued by the unisex take on it, will have to apply it on the guy and sniff asap.
    Also happily noted, your appreciation for the Vanilla and Tonka which i obsessively extract by infusing the plants. Can really smell the difference, and i’m happy when others do too.

    1. Here’s my prediction regarding the unisexiness of this, the resins and the tonka will really “shine” through on the masculine types. I know many guys that wear By Kilian Sweet Redemption…I can see them flipping out for this one.

      I can tell that the vanilla and tonka used are high-quality. Cheap-o vanillas, vanillin, are used so much in the commercial stuff (including food), that they’ve forgotten just how complex and delicious real vanilla is! It’s a real treat in Nigh Bloom. OMG, just thought of orange blossom vanilla ice cream…I need to try to make that.

      1. I like this prediction- and ice cream idea. By the way the inspiration for Night Bloom came from a night stroll in Hawaii, smelling jasmines and various night blooming flowers for the first time. Pretty sure i wasn’t walking straight and felt like i may float off the hill at any moment. Nothing like the first time…

      2. Victoria, you are right on with the masculine appeal. I got to give you credit for predicting guys would dig this one -for wearing themselves. My new friend Gus just loves it! as a beard oil. He picked this one out of all my perfume oils. Meanwhile my cousin Joseph has been sneaking the Night Bloom i gave his girlfriend and wearing it himself…

        1. I love the thought of this as a beard oil! (The base has been great for my skin BTW).

          I can imagine that the resins show up more on some guys…but even if it doesn’t orange blossoms smell amazing on the lads.

  2. This is a great description of this perfume. I have 3 by this perfume artist including this one. A friend asked me why I have all 3, I told her Bonfire Rose is for heading out at night with girlfriends, Saffron Veil is for when I want to smell magical and professional at the same time (sometimes a bit tricky), but Night Bloom is always for seduction and romance. Glad to see the reviewer liked it as much as me!

    1. You’ve got all of your bases covered!

      I love Saffron Veil…I agree that is has a magical quality.
      Bonfire Rose is a great fragrance for girls night out!
      And of course, I think Night Bloom is romantic.

      1. Thank you so much Aemen! You seem quite organized with your perfume wear 😉 . Have a great weekend!

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