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Phoenix Botanicals Natural Butter & Balm Reviews

Phoenix Botanicals

Phoenix Botanicals Butters and Balms are all-natural multi-purpose skincare items. The balms are recommended to be used on hands, feet, face and eyes. Winter is killing my skin but these balms have really helped to keep me soft.

All of these butters/balms have a fragrance but the fragrance is faint. I like this especially if I am using these on my face. I also like that these smell pleasant but don’t compete with my perfumes.

Vanilla Butter includes organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil and infusion of Mexican vanilla bean pods.

Vanilla Butter doesn’t smell like a cupcake. It smells exactly like a vanilla bean pod. It’s more reminiscent of tobacco than it is frosting. The aroma is faint and unisex.

Pine & Fir Butter includes organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil, infusion of wildcrafted White Pine needles and fir essence.

Pine & Fir Butter has a light essence like Vanilla Butter. It’s a natural evergreen scent. This means that it has that “juicy” natural citrus element that evergreen needles have. This is also unisex. *It layers nicely with the Meadow & Fir perfume.

These butters are housed in an amber apothecary jar, retailing for $12-$20 depending on size.

Faerie Balm includes linden flowers, wild rose petals, organic olive oil, organic shea butter, beeswax, organic jojoba oil and organic lavender essential oil.

This is lightweight moisturizing balm with a very faint linden aroma. It’s like rosewater and linden tea. It’s a very sheer fragrance. I love it as a lip balm.

This comes in a twist tube and can be used on lips, cuticles, etc. Retails for $6.

How have I used these?

Hands and cuticles – My hands are dry from the winter air and excessive washing from fear of flu-germs. I was getting a little itchy red rash (dryness?) and after two nights of using the balm, perfect skin.

Feet, elbows, knees – It’s a great moisturizer. See above.

Lips – Even the butters can be used on lips. They’re just shea, jojoba and fragrance/flavor. And you get a TON of product for $12.

Hair & eyebrows – Use it as a treatment on the ends of hair or like a styling pomade. I imagine this formula is awesome for curly hair. A little bit can be used in brows to keep them in place and also protect from dry winter air.

Face – I have used the Butters on a chapped nose. It cleared up the dryness overnight. Another thing that I’ve done since my skin has been so dry, is to mix a mineral blush (from Alima Pure) with the Butter on the back of my hand. With my fingers, I apply to cheeks as a cream blush meets face treatment.

To those that use shea butter, what else do you do with it? I’m now completely addicted to the stuff.

These balms are available at Phoenix Botanicals.

*Disclaimer – Product provided by Phoenix Botanicals. I am not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. Product pic is mine.

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