Phoenix Botanicals Meadow & Fir Botanical Solid Perfume Review

Phoenix Botanicals Fir


Phoenix Botanicals Meadow & Fir perfume is inspired by warm summer afternoons. To me Meadow & Fir is like a Christmas tree on vacation in Florida.

Meadow & Fir is a balsamic evergreen. It’s a fir forest with a warm breeze. Meadow & Fir could easily be a sibling of Aftelier Fig (it’s better behaved sibling). The fragrance is warm and resinous, like a fir amber. Meadow & Fir is a rather linear fragrance but it does become more resinous with myrrh at the dry-down. 

Notes listed include violet, linden, wild flowers, fir, amber, myrrh and resins.

Give Meadow & Fir a try if you like woodsy, balsamic fragrances. Or if you like perfumes like Aftelier Fig, CB I Hate Perfume The Fir Tree, L’Artisan Parfumeur Fou d’Absinthe, Ayala Moriel Bois d’Hiver and/or MCMC Fragrances Hunter. Meadow & Fir is unisex, probably leaning more masculine than feminine. This is an all-natural fragrance and I do feel you need to like naturals to like it.

Being a solid, this perfume has below average projection and longevity. The solid perfume base is more oily than waxy. It almost feels like a healing salve.

This solid perfume compact retails for $58 at Phoenix Botanicals. This fragrance is also available in an oil base.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONWarm, balsamic evergreens: fir and myrrh. It’s one to try if you like Aftelier Fig.

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*Disclaimer – Product provided by Phoenix Botanicals. I am not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own.

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