Phoenicia Gone But Not EDP Perfume Review

Phoenicia Gone But Not

Phoenicia Perfumes Gone But Not is one of those “vaguely familiar yet completely new” perfumes. It’s a mash up of old/new, trashy/elegant, natural/synthetic and masculine/feminine.

Gone But Not is WD-40 and sulfuric fruits. It’s loud and slightly obnoxious, but in an enjoyable way. I compare it to going to shows at my current age. I’m starting to find myself as a I get older, well, feeling like the oldest person at these shows (I know this is a ridiculous feeling).  Sometimes I’m at the show because I was there when the band was first popular years ago and other times I’m there for something new. I always have a great time even if I’m “too old” to be having great times 😉 I do avoid the young ‘uns as they appear so uptight, still surrounded by imaginary audiences (now that is annoying-annoying). The opening of Gone But Not is like being at a music venue when you aren’t 21 years old (or aren’t pretending to be 21 years old). It’s a little rough, harsh and loud. But, it brings back some really rad memories while I’m creating new memories. Gone But Not is eerily familiar but at the same time it isn’t. It’s old and new memories, like seeing a band from your youth reunite. Gone But Not is obnoxious but it doesn’t wear my nerves thin. Something about this obnoxiousness, I relate to. It’s punk.

After the aldehydes and industrial elements wear down, the fragrance becomes boozier with stone fruits and a jammy rose. Phantom whiffs of cumin. Gone But Not becomes a diva floral. It’s an over the top floral wrapped in silk and dripping in sequins. It’s elegant and wears sequins without being campy. So, yeah, it went from punk to diva.

And then Gone But Not becomes a warm musk. Like vintage Jovan Musk on steroids. The first time that I tried Gone But Not, I didn’t expect this. After numerous wears, I still don’t expect this. But, I always love that this happens. This weird feminine floral dries down to something familiar, masculine and completely unanticipated. So, yeah it went from punk to diva to that boy 14-year old you shouldn’t be hanging around with.

David Gahan

Notes listed include fruit, elemi, cognac, white rose, jasmine and musk. Launch date 2013. PERFUMER – David Falsberg

Give Gone But Not if you like unusual florals or if you like musk scents. I really don’t know what else to compare Gone But Not to other than just a mix of olfactory memories. Try it if you want a musky flowers.

Projection and longevity are above average. A little bit goes far. I would say that concentration is more like that of an extrait.

The 1/2 oz. retails for $85 at Phoenicia Perfumes. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONWD-40 floral and musk. Weird as hell but in one of those best ways possible. I enjoy all of the perfumes from the house, but this one is my favorite to wear.

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*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from Phoenicia Perfumes. David Gahan pic from and is completely unrelated but really cool.

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