Phoenicia Far NWest EDP Perfume Review

Phoenicia Far NWest

From the brand that brought you my favorite perfume of 2013, we now have a perfume with skunk essence. Seriously. Phoenicia Far NWest is a perfume inspired by the perfumer’s olfactory memories of driving through the Olympic Rainforest in an old Rambler. And yes, it has skunk essence but before you jump to any hasty judgements, continue reading my review.

The opening of Far NWest  is surreal. It’s like new tires sliding over a frozen-over pond. It’s mentholated rubber. The evergreens are cool, covered in ice. And then it warms up. It’s like leaving air-conditioning to be hit with summer air. Far NWest becomes an evergreen forest in summertime, complete with salal/shallon berries and Oregon grapes. Cedar chips scented by sunshine…and then there’s gasoline and warm pavement…with the smell of smoky charcoal on communal grills…

Now, Far NWest is bizarre but not in the “Pepé Le Pew” sort of way that you’re probably imagining. It’s bizarre in that it really does smell like driving through a national park in a big ‘ole 1960’s era gas guzzler. The skunk reads more like rubber tires than “skunk spray”. And somehow this skunky sulfur comes across as evergreen-ish grapefruit peel at times. I don’t know what I expected to smell when trying this but I can tell you that I didn’t expect for it to smell exactly like the Olympic Rainforest in summertime.

Olympic Rainforest

Notes listed include fir, caraway, cedars, skunk and choya loban. Launched 2013. PERFUMER – David Falsberg

Truth of the matter is that this perfume will have a limited audience. I mean, geez, it has “skunk” as a note listed! My thought is that if you read the description and the notes and you’re still interested, try it. Its unlike any other perfume I’ve ever sniffed and I’ve sampled thousands of perfumes. If you no longer can get your kicks from stuff rose soliflores, classic chypres or perfumes that smell like Persian desserts, then maybe you need something with skunk and roasted seashells to help pull you out of your funk.

Even though I like this perfume, it’s not something that I’d personally wear. For me, it’s such an “environment in a bottle” that I don’t want it to be my personal scent. However, if you are one attracted to “cool” evergreen scents or wanting a forest scent, you may enjoy wearing this. I don’t think it is unwearable, challenging but not unwearable. For me, it reminds me too much of a place and that makes it difficult for me to wear.

EauMG Olympic Rainforest
Yours ghouly in her mossy lair. 2nd summer in WA, so much more hair ago. Olympic Rainforest.

Projection and longevity are average.

The 1/2 oz spray retails for $110 at Phoenicia Perfumes. Other sizes and samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONMentholated rubber and evergreen forests. It really does remind me of the Olympic Rainforest in the summer. Crazy, crazy perfume (and perfume line) that all you die-hard perfume lovers should be trying.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Phoenicia. Olympic Rainforest pic from Second one is obviously mine. I’m not really into all that wilderness stuff. But, I tried. I tried in gold huaraches and in t-shirts that I thought would keep predators away. 

10 thoughts on “Phoenicia Far NWest EDP Perfume Review

  1. I can tell that this perfume wouldn’t be for me, as even though it is more rubber tire than skunk, I hate both those smells. But I had to comment because it was fun seeing this photo of you. As soon as I saw it, I recognized that it was you, but at the same time, it looks so different from the very 20s-flapper-glam look that I associate with you. Though I’m very much a fan of your short, elegant bob and lighter hair color, you did the Goth look beautifully too!

    1. It’s an odd one.

      That pic is from 5 years ago. I had to post it because I don’t even remember that look. It was some dark navy thing. Right after that, that fall I cut it into a bob. Sometimes I think I want long hair again but I really think that short suits me better.

      I have been thinking about going slightly warmer toned with the hair color…

  2. I had no idea that anyone actually used skunk essence in perfume. I will need to sample this one because I am one of those freaks who think skunk and tar are great smells.

    1. Now if we could get a gasoline one to complete our Freak Fragrance Trinity, lol.

      I do love the scent of tar and rubber (and gasoline). I have Bvlgari Black and CdG Tar and Garage.

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