Perfumes to Help & Hinder Your New Year’s Resolutions

Oh, it’s that time where we are told we need to make resolutions for the new year. Now I’m all about setting goals and trying to better oneself or their situation, but I’m not about beating yourself up. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. I’m not going to live my life beating myself up because I couldn’t lose 30 pounds in six months or teach myself to speak French fluently in eight months. I go to bed every night happy with the person that I am. Now saying that, I do have goals and I’ve made many resolutions in my lifetime. But, I try not to get upset with myself if things don’t go as I planned.

I Google’d the most popular resolutions that people make in the United States. And I’ve put together this list of perfumes to “Help & Hinder Your New Year’s Resolutions”. It’s a mix of support and yes, joking about our resolutions, many that we’ve made every year and failed at. And it’s OK to laugh at that. So many of us have done this. And you know what? We’re still great people.

Gourmand Perfumes

Eat Healthy & Exercise/Diet 

One year I made this resolution. Winter hibernation made me feel guilty. Next I found myself hitting the gym regularly for two months and then never stepping foot into one ever again.

Some people swear that wearing gourmand perfumes will curb your appetite. Personally, I smell something that smells like vanilla frosting and then I want to eat vanilla frosting. Here are perfumes that will help or hinder your diet depending on who you are.

Serge Lutens Jeux de Peau EDP – Avoiding carbs? Jeux de Peau is Serge Lutens’ take on bread and pastries. Retails for $130 at Beautyhabit.

Montale Chocolate Greedy EDP – This is straight up Cocoa Puffs. Chocolate. Chocolate and more chocolate. Retails for $110 at Luckyscent.

Aquolina Pink Sugar EDT – It’s all the sweet stuff – candy floss, cupcakes and jam. My full review. Retails for about $30 at Fragrancenet.

beverage perfumes

Drink Less

I’ve made this one too but not on New Year’s. I’m actually drinking less. I used to drink 7-10 cups of coffee a day and now I’m down to 1-2 a day. Wine is every other night. I drink a lot more water and peppermint tea these days…and I feel much better.

Nez a Nez Atelier d’Artiste – This is a boozy, fruity patchouli. My full review. Retails for $165 at Luckyscent.

CREED Virgin Island Water EDP – Here’s one for those that crave tropical cocktails. This is like a mojito with coconut. Retails for $275 at Nordstrom.

Fresh Citron de Vigne EDP – This is a refreshing citrus with a pinot accord. It’s a nice one for summer wear. Retails for $38 at Sephora. 

book perfumes

Learn Something New/Read More

This is a popular resolution. People want to learn a new language. Some want to go back to school. And other people just want to read more (which I think says more about work/life balance).

INeKe Poet’s Jasmine EDP – This collection of perfume is housed in “books”. Poet’s Jasmine is a pretty jasmine tea fragrance that may inspire you to write poetry. Full review. Retails for $38 at Beautyhabit. 

Steidl Paper Passion EDP – Here’s a perfume that is meant to smell like books and it’s housed in a book. If you can’t find the time to read, at least smell like you’re reading. Retails for $98 at Luckyscent.

Olfactive Studio Still Life EDP – This one is in this category for those that want to improve their photography skills. Olfactive Studio is line of perfume inspired by photography. My full review. Retails for $145 at Beautyhabit. 

cigarette perfumes

Quit Smoking/Quit Tobacco

This one isn’t easy but three of my friends have quit this past year. It wasn’t easy but they did it. And strangely, they have found themselves wearing more tobacco scents. Seriously.

Costamor Tabacca EDP – This is a boozy, rich tobacco. My full review. Retails for $75 at Luckyscent. 

Sonoma Scent Studio Tabac Aurea EDP – Pipe tobacco. Retails for $82 at Sonoma Scent Studio.

 Nasomatto Black Afgano Parfum – Yeah, it’s a rich fragrance with hash and tobacco. I don’t know what you’re trying to stop smoking! Retails for $185 at Luckyscent.

relaxing perfumes

Be Less Stressed or Better Work/Life Balance

People don’t take enough time for themselves. And they should.

Comme de Garcons Incense Series Kyoto EDT – This is a meditative, woodsy incense. Retails for $85 at Beautyhabit.

Penhaligon’s Elixir EDP – This is a steamy incense…like a sauna incense. It will clear the mind. My full review. Retails for $85 at Beautyhabit. 

Phoenix Botanicals Lavender Noir Perfume – This is an all-natural smoky lavender perfume. Lavender really has been proven to aid in sleep and relaxation. Retails for $48 at Phoenix Botanicals.

charitable perfumes

Volunteer/Help Others

The Seven Virtues Noble Rose of Afghanistan EDP – The Seven Virtues is an awesome Canadian perfume company. The goal with Noble Rose of Afghanistan is to replace the illegal poppy/opium trade with legal roses, yes, perfume. The final result is a high-quality slightly spicy rose soliflore. Retails for $70 at Lord & Taylor.

CB I Hate Perfume 2nd Cumming EDP – This is an unusual whiskey tobacco and dirt fragrance by the guy that first introduced us to dirt perfume, Christopher Brosius. This is the anti-celeb celeb perfume, a collab with Alan Cumming. All profits of this perfume are donated to LGBTQ organizations. Retails for $69 at CB I Hate Perfume.

Juniper Ridge Siskiyou Backpacker’s Cologne – This brand donates 10% of profits to wilderness organizations. Last year this small company donated over $20,000 to these organizations. I’ve been a longtime fan of these gingery evergreen scent. Retails for $100 at Beautyhabit.

expensive perfumes

Save Money

OK, I’m trolling here. If you want to save money, stop blind-buying. That’s my advice to you 🙂

Mona di Orio Les Nombres d’Our Oud Parfum – Don’t try this oud and osmanthus unless you want to give $525 to places like Parfumerie Nasreen. My full review. 

House of Sillage Cherry Garden EDP – Um, maybe this pink crystal-encrusted cupcake will make you save your money? Retails for $350 or $1200 if you feel the original “peasant style” bottle was lacking in crystals. Available at Luckyscent. 

Pacifica Persian Rose EDP – Now I’m not trolling. Pacifica is a pretty darn good brand for the buck. This is a pretty rose for $22 at Pacifica. Actually, all of the scents are pretty darn good.

perfume sets

Get Organized

Take it from me, the key to organization is getting rid of your crap. With this category, I thought it would be nice to feature some neat and tidy discovery sets.

La Maison de Vanille Toutes la Vanille du Monde – Here’s 15ml bottles of all of the vanilla-themed perfumes by this house. Retails for $50 at Beautyhabit. 

House of Matriarch Super Natural Collection – This is a discovery set that contains all of the House of Matriarch perfumes in 3.3 ml sprayers. Now you can smell the rainbow. Retails for $180 at House of Matriarch.

Lili Bermuda Fragrance Library – This is a nifty slim tin that contains samples of all of the female or the masculine fragrances.Here’s my review of a few feminines. Retails for $30 at Lili Bermuda. 

destination perfumes

Take a Trip

OK, I’ll choose this one. I want to travel more in 2014 🙂

The Exotic Island Perfumer Flor Azteca EDP – This spicy, heady tuberose will transport you to nights along the Caribbean coast. This is a gorgeous floral made in Puerto Rico. Retails for $135 at The Exotic Island Perfumer.

aroma M Geisha O-Cha Perfume – This is a rose-y green tea that I find comforting and soothing. If you can’t get to Japan, roll-on O-Cha. My full review. Retails for $55 at aroma M. 

Diptyque Philosykos EDT – This fig fragrance will transport you to the Mediterranean. Sun, ripe fruits and salt air… Retails for $88 at Beautyhabit.

Happy 2014! Here’s to good health, prosperity, endless creativity and good-smellin’ perfumes! And if you have a New Year’s resolution, I wish you the best with it! Just remember with your resolution that one bad day or even a bad week doesn’t make you a failure! It takes time to change our habits and lives.

Thank you for reading EauMG and I hope you enjoy what’s in store for 2014.

*Beautyhabit, Fragrancenet, Nordstrom, Sephora, Beautyhabit and Pacifica contain affiliate links. Thanks!

12 thoughts on “Perfumes to Help & Hinder Your New Year’s Resolutions

  1. What a fun read, Victoria. Nice surprise to see Lavender Noir included, thank you. Happy New Year! Now let’s have some fun with those resolutions… 😉

  2. Sometimes when I’m wandering around the Luckyscent site I randomly stumble upon the House of Sillage bottles and am intrigued only to be discouraged when I see the price. I’m such a sucker for cute packaging or interesting bottles. With my current budget I might as well get an Alice and Peter bottle and rock out with a glue gun and rhinestones. On the flip side of that I do love me some Pacifica! The French lilac, Mexican cocoa, and Tibetan Mountain Temple are my faves. You can’t beat a good perfume at a $22 price tag!

    1. Also, I am totally with you on smelling foody scents and wanting food. “Hey, this smells like creme brulee…I MUST EAT SOME CREME BRULEE!”

      1. I actually really like gourmands but have to avoid them for this reason. I’ll wear Pink Sugar or something and then crave every sweet imaginable. I would seriously gain at least 10 pounds if I wore only creme brulees and vanilla frosting perfumes for three months.

    2. Oh, those prices! At that price I could buy a gorgeous piece of jewelry to curb my sparkle cravings.

      I really love this comment. This thought has crossed my mind so many times. I want to but those Alice & Peters and bling them out with the help of Michael’s and a glue gun (that amber carrot one is a pretty good scent).

      That French Lilac one is one of the best smelling lilacs that I’ve ever worn. It beats out stuff priced $150+. And I love Mexican Cocoa and Tibetan Mountain Temple. The Fig is really good too. It’s a great line, regardless of price. I like their body products too.

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