Perfumes Deals Roundup – October 2017

In this month’s enabling post AKA a roundup of perfumes that I think are a good deal, I focused on “heavier” scents/notes that I start to crave in the fall. These are a mix of spicy scents and vampy ambers.

Natori perfume

1.  Natori by Natori EDP – So, this bad mama has been discontinued and this angers me. It’s such a great plummy floral-chypre in a beautiful bottle. It’s vampy with a glamorous Old Hollywood vibe. Anyway, it’s dirt cheap right now so get a bottle while you still can (assuming that you even want a bottle). The 3.4 oz bottle goes for about $15 at (with coupon, whatever that means). Full review.

Coquillete Sumatera

2. Coquillete Sumatera EDP – This is a cinnamon patchouli. And those are two notes I often crave in the fall. However, the patchouli in this is more “green” so I can see this one transitioning into mild/warmer weather too (assuming that you’re a fellow patch-head). This is currently on sale for about $87 (originally $175) for the 3.4 oz bottle at Beautyhabit.

Juliette Has a Gun Midnight Oud

3. Juliette Has a Gun Midnight Oud EDP – I’m actually so mad (common theme this month) because this is my favorite Juliette Has a Gun and I already own a bottle…and I paid a lot more for this rose-leather. It’s currently on sale at B-Glowing for about $36 (!!!). Here’s my review. If you like perfumes like By Kilian Rose Oud, you may like this “dupe”. Pro tip: Check out their “Special Offers” page because they typically give away a rather nice deluxe sample with any $35+ site purchase.

Serge Lutens Arabie

4. Serge Lutens Arabie EDP – As you probably already know, Serge Lutens changed their packaging recently and rearranged what is export/import. The prices have went up so my advice is to buy what you like from the discount market in the old bottles before they’re gone. Arabie is one of those spicy “cooking with grandma” scents that makes me feel comforted and nostalgic. It can be found for about $59 at (with coupon).

Agent Provocateur

5. Agent Provocateur EDP – I realize that I’m sort of mentioning the same type of perfumes over and over again, but that’s the mood I’m in right now. Apparently I want to smell like perfumes made by panties brands. This is another woodsy rose with an amber base. It’s one that I’ve always liked even if it isn’t the most “sophisticated” in this genre. In fact, it reminds me a lot of Juliette Has a Gun Lady Vengeance. You can find a 3.4 oz for about $25 (with coupon) at

This concludes my little reminder that you can smell good without spending a fortune. What sort of scents have you been craving this October?

The disclaimers: I don’t offer a guaranteed low price. Price listed is what was listed on the site when I created the post. You may be able to find these cheaper somewhere else. I tend to mention sites that I personally shop from (these were deals I noticed while “window shopping”).

*Pics form the brands or Fragrantica. Post contains affiliate links. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Perfumes Deals Roundup – October 2017

  1. October means it’s cooling off outside and I can wear heavier smells without giving myself a headache. My ride-or-die in the fall is Bvlgari Black. Sometimes I’ll layer it with Tokyo Milk Dead Sexy. Basically all the wood, leather, dry vanilla, and a dash of rubber. I may have to snag a bottle of Natori though. It sounds glorious!

    1. zomg.

      Yes, to Bvlgari Black. It’s my ride-or-die too. AND (if you guys are reading), you guys, you can find a bottle cheap online and at discounters.

      I love Dead Sexy but have almost none left in my little bottle. There’s something about those two that are like vanilla-ish but also not. Like rubbery but not industrial, both are difficult to describe.

      Today was our first balmy day so I’m feeling all the heavier/spicier/bombastic stuff again.

  2. After your review of the other Natori I bought this one and am really enjoying it. On me it’s just really really pretty/beautiful. And very easy to wear, it’s one that I feel like I’m wearing it not it’s wearing me. I’ve been wearing it lots and lots since getting it.

    Roberto Cavalli’s Oro is a wonderful golden amber that’s dirt cheap.

    1. Yes! That’s why I like Natori. It’s one of those floriental-chypres that seems like it would be too much, but it isn’t. It’s that genre, but not dated or redundant. Plus, that bottle.

      OMG, yes. It’s so amazing. I bought two large bottles for $12 each. I used one and still have the other. It’s sooo good. It’s a must-try for anyone that is a fan of Maurice Roucel.

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