Perfume Pharmer & The Patch Test Bunnies – EauMG’s Picks

Perfume Pharmer & The Patch Test Bunnies

It’s the summer of patchouli. Imagine 13 amazing, talented perfumers creating a fragrance with 25% patchouli and 100% natural keeping their project secret, numbered only, sending these out for fragrance experts and celebrities (yeah, Kim Novak, seriously) to sniff and rank. I’m giving a big thanks to Monica Sky Miller. She coordinated this huge sensory event, Summer of Patchouli Love 2011, Perfume Pharmer & The Patch Test Bunnies. This patchouli digging fragrance fanatic is happy to announce that I am a Patch Test Bunny.

Participating in this event has been very enjoyable, but tough. I’m the type of person that over analyzes perfumes. I wear them for weeks and weeks before I write a review, many times before I form an opinion. I wear them during the day, night, different temps. With 13 perfumes, this could have taken up to 3 months for me to decide on my “final” three and the Summer of Patchouli Love would be over 😉 And to make things even more difficult, the participating perfumers did a wonderful job. There are 13 interesting fragrances, each interpreting patchouli in their own way. I want to thank the perfumers for participating and creating such phenomenal patchouli fumes.

Here are my final 3. I think each of these embody what is special about patchouli, one of my favorite fragrance notes.

Jack Kerouac & William S. Burroughs

1st Pick #5 Decadent Gourmand Patchouli – This is the one that I immediately knew I loved as soon as it touched my skin. Automatically knew it was my favorite. It’s rich, thick, chewy, delicious. It’s a decadent blend that opens with white florals/neroli and then becomes a rich gourmand with dark patchouli and classic citrus. In one of my gluttonous moments, I get lost in its richness and darkness. I get consumed by the lavishness of this scent. It’s a burgeoning Beat fragrance, reminding me of William S. Burroghs in 50’s Tangier, the many exotic smells of Morrocco and bohemians. The sillage is strong. I have received so many compliments on my fragrance while wearing this one. This is something that I’d buy and wear.

1969 Easy Rider Poster

2nd Pick#10 The Easy Rider Patchoui – I don’t expect for #10 to be a crowd favorite. It’s strong and rugged, slightly abrasive. When wearing #10, I think of Easy Rider (one of those movies that had way too much of an impact on me but I’ll save those stories for another day and perhaps a Tauer review). The actual juice is dark and rich, like a fluid that would go in a motorcycle to keep it running. The scent is mesquite, tons of tarry leather and dry evergreens. It’s a dirty leather jacket, the open road, campfires, a rebellious scent with camphoric <strong> patchouli and a medicinal oud. It really is like a counter-culture trek form L.A. to New Orleans in the summer of 1969. Fans of Knize Ten and Tauer Lonestar Memories may dig this scent. I know I do. Out of the entire 13, this is the one that fits my current mood the most. I’m craving it and can’t stop wearing it.

Ali MacGraw in bikini

3rd Pick#13 The Tropichouli – I didn’t expect to love #13 so. In fact, I overlooked it at first. I see this one as a patchouli for those that usually dislike patchouli. #13 has a boho summer feel, a style that I love but can’t pull off personally. #13 is suntan oil bronzed bodies, think Ali MacGraw in a string bikini, thick brows, and long, dirty hair, that type of laid back 1970’s aesthetic. #13 is sheer, super light in comparison to my other two picks, like a warm summer breeze. I get fuzzy, ripe summer stone fruit, warmth from woods/cedar, and coconut-rich florals reminding me of manoï. It’s what I’m calling a tropichouli. I now prefer this “unknown” beachy natural to my bottle of Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess. It’s so perfect for summer and this is the Summer of Patchouli Love, right? And I like to imagine that this is the type of scent that would attract a shirtless Steve McQueen.

Other fragrances that “fought” for the top 3 spot:

#12 – A spaghetti Western sour citrus with mash, a whisky sour in a fictional cantina that will start a fight with anyone, including a squinty-eyed Clint Eastwood in a crusty ‘ole poncho. Unexpectedly, it becomes a peachy-patch. Good stuff.

#2 – A dark, slightly gothic, patchouli with Turkish coffee, dark chocolate, and a powdery base. It’s vampy.

I will post full reviews at a later date after the perfumers and names have been revealed. Each one of these perfumes deserves a mini review. I’ll share my “sniff notes” then. And there will be a giveaway! Stay tuned, because the Summer of Patchouli Love has only started.

Check out Perfume Pharmer to keep current with Summer of Patchouli Love 2011 updates and those that are participating in this summer scent event.

Kerouac & Burroughs photo from Easy Rider poster from U.S. Rider News. Ali MacGraw from Bluebird Vintage.

14 thoughts on “Perfume Pharmer & The Patch Test Bunnies – EauMG’s Picks

  1. They all sound amazing, you are so lucky to get a sniff!

    Did you find it easier only having numbers? I think for myself, that might make it good, so I wouldn’t be influenced by anything.

    I can’t wait to find out whose PLAP is whose! :mrgreen:

    1. You don’t know which is yours? I thought the perfumers knew their #s! Oh, the plot thickens.

      I really liked that they were numbered instead of being labeled with a title. The numbers kept it more subjective and put everyone on the same “playing field”. Plus, it adds some mystery. This has been such a fun event and has really taught my nose a thing or two. I can’t wait to see which perfume is whose and to read more of the notes/background.

        1. Wow, so all you perfumers are wondering “Oooh, I wonder if this blogger is describing MY perfume?” That’s kind of exciting! I didn’t quite realize that aspect to the project until now. 🙂

          1. Me either until Madame Amanda said so. I thought they knew this entire time! I love that they don’t!

  2. Interesting choices! Number 13 is certainly getting a lot of raves. Your methodology is impressive, I don’t know if I could be that patient!

    I really had a hard time choosing, especially after moving beyond the paper strips to skin, since most of them changed a lot when worn. I really have NO idea who did any of these, which makes it all the more fun, but I did a couple of private guesses, we will see how close I came. Some of the perfumers were new to me too, which really made it a blind test.

    1. Patient or particular? I don’t know. I’ll take patient, it sounds nicer 🙂

      Boy, are these ever different on paper than on the skin! I find that naturals are “tricky” like that. #5 was the only one that smelled the same on me and on the paper. My paper top 3 choices were completely different. I think #3 was in that one.

      I made guesses too about the perfumers (the ones that I am familiar with), I can’t wait to find out. I’ll be shocked if #5 isn’t who I think it is!

  3. Good choices, I’m proud of you for actually choosing so quickly! Haha.

    I LOVE #5. It almost made my top 3, it was so close. In fact, the only think I was 100% sure about was picking #2 as my top choice. I feel like the other few were so good that they all should have been 2nd choice.

    Funny, I don’t get a tropical vibe from #13 at all! That was The Barnyard Circus in my list (whatever the hell that is)

    1. I really expected I would be the last Nose to choose, but I wasn’t thanks to the Canadian post strike.

      #5 was my “fo sho” pick. #2 sounds like my version of your #5 and vice versa.

      Haha, I have a Barnyard Circus pick but I can’t remember what! It wasn’t #13. I know that a few others got a tropical warmth from #13. I think it is so interesting how each of us are “reading” these. I think there is cedar or some wood in #13 tricking our noses, reminding some of coconuts and others of woody barns! Love it.

  4. I loved your descriptions of your top 3..Being a product of the 70’s myself..I love the photo of Ali and Easy Rider was one of my favorite movies..So Cool.

    Groovy..Peace and love

    1. Easy Rider had way too much impact on me. And who doesn’t love a 70’s babe? 😉 And can one think of patchouli without thinking/romanticizing the 70’s? I can’t.

    1. Awe, thank you Pharm Marm. Thank you so much for including me in this awesome scent event. It’s been so much fun.

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