Patch NYC Pipe Solid Perfume Review

Patch NYC Pipe Solid Perfume

As a non-smoker, I find it odd that I define tobacco scents as my “comfort” scents. I never grow tired of the following combo in perfume: booze, dry tobacco, and sweetness. I like complicated versions of this. And I even like simple, “slow-food” versions of this combo.

Patch NYC Pipe opens as a boozy cognac and unsmoked cigar. The tobacco is dry, crisp. And then it dries to a softer vanilla flavored tobacco. The base is soft, creamy vanilla woods. Simple and good.

The texture of this solid is smooth and easily glides over the skin. It isn’t waxy but it has a bit of a Smith’s Rosebud Salve feel. The base is jojoba oil and beeswax. I bet this stuff would make a great smelling pomade. And I like the packaging.

Notes listed include vanilla bourbon, cognac, tobacco and patchouli.

Give Pipe a try if you like tobacco fragrances, boozy fragrances or if you like scents like Serge Lutens Chergui, Karl Lagerfeld Lagerfeld Classic, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, Demeter Whiskey Tobacco, and/or TokyoMilk Dead Sexy. You could layer this solid under any of these fragrances. Give it a try if you also think of “pipe” fragrances as comfort scents. This scent is easily unisex.

Otto Dix self-portrait 1922

This is a solid perfume and it wears like one. It doesn’t much projection or complexity but it’s long-lasting in comparison to other solids.

The 1/2 oz. solid perfume retails for $22 and is available at Beautyhabit. This scent is also available in a candle. The candle is awesome.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONUnsmoked cigar with dry, vanilla woods. This isn’t a complicated fragrance but I think it smells really good. It’s a must try for those that like “pipe” scents.

*Sample from Knows Perfume Seattle fragrance class. Product pic from Soap & Paper Factory. Otto Dix 1922 Self-Portrait from MOMA. Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Patch NYC Pipe Solid Perfume Review

  1. Was reading your review… was going to add that ‘the candle is awesome’ and then saw that you already did.

    And a great value as far as quality candles go, to boot. 🙂

    1. Hubs wants to use the solid as a hair pomade which isn’t a good value IMO, but whatever. It smells good.
      The candle is more my speed. I think it’s cute and it smells good. As far as “luxury” candles go, it’s a great price for what you get.

  2. I’m really going to have to stop reading your blog! Every day I find yet another perfume I HAVE TO HAVE!! 😀 We must be scent twins. Thanks for sharing and for all of the inspiration.

    1. A month ago, I had to stop reading other blogs so I could save up for the holidays, lol. Sorry for all the lemmings!
      I think this is a good one, especially at that price point. It’s such a great “comfort” scent.

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