Parfums Lalun Qajar Rose EDP Natural Perfume Review

Parfums Lalun Qajar Rose

Rose Week 2015

Parfums Lalun is a rose soliflore inspired by the roses revered by Qajar dynasty artists and Sufi poets. This is the sort of fragrance that allows the rose to choose its supporting notes. You’ll find hay-like notes, fruity notes, robust coffee notes and sweet notes that amp up what is naturally present in rose absolutes.

Qajar Rose opens as hay and roses. It gets fruitier and starts to remind me of rosewater dessert. This stage is mouth-watering delicious – like fresh strawberries and rosewater. To my surprise, Qajar Rose becomes “darker”. It’s like a deep, dark rose with patchouli and black coffee. The dry-down becomes even darker and dirtier with oud and patchouli.

Qajar Rose is a study in compliments and contrasts. The notes in Qajar Rose emphasize the natural beauty and complexity of rose while the perfume itself contrasts light and dark. It opens like a pale pink rose and dries down to a deep, dark burgundy hued rose with velvety petals.

Qajar Dynasty painting

Notes listed include Iranian rose otto, fragonia, Roman chamomile, tagette, pomegranate, galbanum, Ethyl decadionate nat., Turkish rose otto, Russian rose otto, rose geranium, davana, saffron, coffee, Coffee, Strawberry furanone nat., Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol nat., angelica, buddhawood, Laotian oud, ambergris, sandalwood, vetiver, ambrette, cocoa, katrafay, patchouli and vanilla. Launched in 2012. PERFUMER – Maggie Mahboubian

Give Qajar a try if you like darker roses. Or perfumes like Ayala Moriel Musk Malabi, L’Artisan Parfumeur Voleur de Roses, By Kilian Rose Oud and/or Providence Perfume Co. Rose Boheme

Being an all-natural perfume, Qajar Rose wears closely to the skin. Longevity is average.

The 15ml bottle retails for $75 at Lalun Naturals.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONNatural rose soliflore. I’m drawn to rose perfumes because roses are natural complex. However, so many perfumes over simplify rose. Qajar Rose doesn’t. It emphasizes the many intricate facets of rose and the final result is a gorgeous rose mosaic.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product pic from the brand. 19th century Qajar Dynasty painting from

7 thoughts on “Parfums Lalun Qajar Rose EDP Natural Perfume Review

  1. love rose week!

    Maggie is a true artisan… skin care, perfume…

    This was one of my first exposures to isolates, and it made me really pause and think about the possibilities they extend, and how they fit into the natural perfume world.

    spot on review!

    1. I’m really enjoying going through her samples.

      Isolates, oh, I remember the first time I ever sniffed an isolate. And it blew my mind. Infinite possibilities. Cool stuff.

  2. I love rose perfumes, but I still haven’t figured out my rose personality. I like ambers and chypres and smoky, leathery perfumes.

      1. I broke my rule/borderline New Year’s resolution and bought this unsniffed, and it’s amazing! I especially love the dry down. The complexity is stunning. I also bought the jasmine eye creme, which is beyond divine.

        1. Oh, we all do that eventually. Luckily, this was a success for you. I love the dry-down too. It’s exactly what I like in a perfume base.

          Wait. Jasmine eye cream? I want that. I went over to the site and all of the skincare items sound divine.

  3. […] Lalun Natural Winter Rose Toner (1 oz bottle/travel size, $6-ish) – I was really happy to see this included too. This is a product I’ve been wanting to try. I use complexion mists throughout the day to refresh makeup and give me a dewy look. This one has honey added. I use a lot of rose sprays and I can tell that this one is higher quality than what I’m used to based on its aroma. I’ve actually almost used this up already that’s how much I’ve been using it! (Lalun also makes perfumes and I’ve reviewed one here). […]

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