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DSH Perfumes Thé Vert is a simple and understated green tea fragrance. It is refreshing and relaxed. It is one of my favorite green tea fragrances because it isn’t trying to be “pretty” (no floral notes). It is the fragrance equivalent to your favorite pair of jeans and a soft cotton t-shirt.

I’m a tea drinker. I love tea. I also love refreshing tea based scents. Tea scents can be comforting like a chai or energizing like white tea.  DSH Thé Vert is both refreshing and comforting. First, Thé Vert is citrusy. Any green tea based fragrance needs citrus. The citrus isn’t sharp but it is zesty. It’s light.  The citrus notes wear grapefruit peel on me. I love this. It’s “rugged” citrus. The citrus hangs around on me. The citrus settles and mixes with earthy green tea. The earthiness of the green tea in this blend is what makes it different from other mainstream green tea fragrances. It isn’t trying to be pretty like many department store green tea perfumes. It doesn’t smell “dirty” it smells “grounded”. It continues to smell fresh because the citrus never actually leaves, just becomes fainter. The dry-down is still crisp and green, but more mossy. This green tea fragrance has earthiness at its base. It’s a green tea with a soul. This earthiness and mossiness makes this such a comforting fragrances, like a cup of green tea.

This is a beautiful understated and simple unisex fragrance. If you are a lover of green tea fragrances, you should try this refreshing EDP. There are no floral notes, so this is a fresh but “rugged” green tea. This is a nice anti-perfume for me. It’s nice for those super hot days when everything feels heavy. The scent wears very closely to my skin. It’s a nice fragrance to wear when you are in social situations where you don’t want your perfume to take over the space. Thé Vert wears closely to the skin for many,many hours.

I love to wear this alone but this scent layers nicely too. It really works well with warm cedar fragrances such as Le Labo Oud EDP or L’Occitane Cedre de L’atlas EDP. I also think that Thé Vert would work with a cinnamon cologne or a rose EDT. I haven’t tried that yet, but I can imagine it working.

Notes listed include: bergamot, lemon, green tea, moss, and sandalwood.

Give this EDP a try if you like fresh tea scents or if you like scents like Jalaine Green Tea Perfume Oil, Comme des Garconnes Nomad Tea, L’Artisan Parfumeur Thé Pour un Eté, Heeley Parfums Mint Fraiche, Bvlgari Eau Parfumée Au Thé Vert Extrême, Bond No. 9 New York West Broadway and/or Carthusia Mediterraneo Profumo.

The 1 oz bottle retails for $80 at DSH Perfumes. Other sizes and samples are available for purchase.

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*Disclaimer. I received a sample of Thé Vert from the perfume house. The opinions in my reviews are my own. I am not financially compensated for any of my reviews.

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