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Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Spray Perfume Review

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange

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Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange wasn’t what I expected it to be at all. I wanted rugged citrus rind/zest mixed with the sweet juices of a blood orange. I wanted something to pick me up in the dead of winter and to be refreshing in the middle of summer. Nope. Instead with this one, I got too much of  juicy berries. It isn’t a bad fragrance, it just wasn’t what I expected.

First things first, I’m not a huge fan of strawberry scents. I find them too synthetic. I don’t mind sniffing strawberry scents on others but I can’t stand to smell it on myself. Tuscan Blood Orange is all about strawberries at the initial spritz, the name should not of been Tuscan Blood Orange. It should be something about strawberries. Strawberry fragrance lovers should know about this fragrance. It should be in the title. Instead Pacifica is giving berry lovers and detour and attracting citrus lovers whom most likely will be disappointed with this fragrance. At first spritz it is very strawberry-ish. Think of a limited edition Escada scent. It is that berry. In a short time, you get the zest of tangerines and oranges. This drowns the strawberry; however, since my sniffer is sensitive to strawberry, I still pick it up. The zesty orange peel hangs around. It starts to mellow out with another berry, raspberry. This takes a bit of the “edge” off of the citrus while keeping it bitter. Eventually the fuse together and create something that would make a delicious tropical cocktail. The berry begins to fade and you get a juicy citrus. This is beautiful, fruity, and refreshing. At this stage, I get blood orange juice and pineapple juice, making this one tropical frou-frou fragrance. Oh, but then there is the strawberry zombie! After I start enjoying the fragrance it then morphs back into the strawberry citrus blend that was the top. But, this time the citrus is less apparent.

The fragrance isn’t bad. It just isn’t me and it isn’t something that I see myself wearing frequently. I can name 10 other citrus scents on the market that I love more. This is a very fruity fragrance. I would of really liked this one if it had a floral to balance the berry or if the berries were left out altogether. I really love the heart of the fragrance but I can’t forgive the berries. That being said, it is a fun fragrance. I don’t hate it. Sometimes I do want a tropical cocktail-ish fragrance. The price is right with this one and it does wear longer than I expected. I do think of it as more of a summer fragrance but I do fear that the berries will make it to icky and sticky for hot summer days.

The fragrance isn’t very long wearing. But, I think wears nicely for the price. It wears much longer than a body spray and cologne. I smell traces of it about 3 hours after spraying. It wears about the same as more expensive EDTs at department stores. The bottle is small and you could “refresh” throughout the day. Plus, it has natural ingredients.

Notes listed include: strawberry, raspberry, mandarin, and Italian sweet orange.

Give this a try if you like very fruity fragrances, tropical drink like fragrances, LE Escada fragrances, Urban Rituelle Sweet Treats Pomegranete, Comptoir Sud Pacifique Mora Bella, Fresh Strawberry Flowers, Marc Jacobs Daisy In The Air, Ralph Lauren Ralph Wild and/or Demeter PMU Cologne Sex on the Beach.

The 1.2 oz spray retails for $22. It is available at Pacifica. 

Also, since this is a delicious fragrance and it makes me think of food, here is a Strawberry Compote with Blood Orange Juice. I would add raspberries to give it the full Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange touch.

*Product purchased by me. Product pic from the brand. 

6 thoughts on “Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Spray Perfume Review

  1. I was going to say that the berries don’t come through for me and isn’t it weird how scents smell different on different skin and to different noses and…

    … and then I realized that the Tuscan Blood Orange that I wear and love is the little solid compact. And that, in fact, I gave my bottle away because the liquid just wasn’t the same.

    So, it might be worth giving the solid a chance. It’s still a sweet orange, with very little bitter peel, but I don’t get any fruit other than orange from it. It’s my favorite skin scent for times when I can’t wear anything with much projection – airplanes, the theater, and so on.

    1. I have found that with the Pacifica line that I prefer the solids over the sprays. But, I like solid perfumes in general because they are portable and you can wear them in most environments. Also, I find that most natural blends just work so much better in a richer base.
      I have tried many of the Pacifica solids, but not the Tuscan Blood Orange. From your description it sounds like something I should try and what I wanted in the first place. (It sounds like it would layer nicely with Diptyque’s L’Eau de Tarocco.)

  2. I actually really like this one. My only complaint is that it doesn’t last. I like the berries in it. But, I do agree that the name isn’t fitting.

    1. It isn’t bad. I think I was expecting something more like the solid, a blood orange peel. So, I was surprised by the berry fruitiness.

  3. Thank you for reviewing this – I’ve just gotten into Pacifica perfumes recently, and I found your video and written reviews just yesterday. I was actually dismissive of this perfume because I was afraid it would smell like orange (as it really should) – I love orange flavored dark chocolate, but orange fragrance isn’t for me. But when you mentioned the berries, I thought I would give it a try! Berry fragrances aren’t really my personality, but recently I’ve liked them anyway, fun to wear at home, maybe 🙂 I’ll see how I like this when it arrives in the mail!

    I used to be huge into perfumes in my 20’s, then something changed – hormones? First the notes I used to like (vanilla, patchouli, amber) became too cloying. Then, all your typical department store fragrances, even if I liked them, seemed far too loud and headache-inducing after 10 minutes. I gave up on perfume for a few years. Now that I’ve discovered Pacifica, perfumes are wearable again, and a lot more affordable, too!

    p.s. I saw in your “about” section that you’re an SLP – I’m an SLP wannabe 🙂 Taking the pre-reqs now and hoping to get into grad school as a career changer. Wish me luck!

    1. I’m really happy with the Pacifica brand. They are great values. And really I don’t think they have a bad one in the lineup. They may have something I don’t prefer but they all smell good.

      It’s so weird when that happens. I don’t know what causes that shift. But, it happens. The weird thing for me is I used to love vanillas and ambers. Then one day, I couldn’t wear them without getting sick. They were too heavy, too much. Then years later, I grabbed a sample that was an amber and loved it. It was the weirdest thing!

      That’s awesome! Best of luck to you! 🙂

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