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Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia Solid Perfume Review

Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia perfume

Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia isn’t the best gardenia perfume out there. But, hey, can you think of any other gardenia that retails for less than $10?

Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia is simple. It’s a surprisingly strong, heady white floral (jasmine/gardenia) with a leafy green crispness that gives a nice airiness. I mainly get jasmine/tuberose with this fragrance that could verge on mothballs. Tahitian Gardenia doesn’t wear very sweet on me. I don’t pick up any coconut or tiare like one would expect with a name like Tahitian Gardenia. I get white floral indoles and greens. The fragrance fades with time and I get something softer and creamier. Honestly, I think this is the oils and waxes of the base that I’m smelling.

Barbara Payton pool

The perfume is a solid and wears like a solid. In my opinion it has average projection but has below average longevity. The longevity isn’t terrible for a travel friendly scent. I get about 3 1/2 hours wear. It comes in a simple little tin. The formula is waxy and can be clumpy. It requires some body heat to make it smooth.

Notes listed include gardenia bloom, jasmine, and tea leaves.

Give this a try if you are looking for a portable gardenia fragrance or if you like Coty Sand & Sable, “original” Juicy Couture, Kim Kardashian perfume, and/or “original” Marc Jacobs. This is a very feminine white floral. I’m sure it layers nicely with other scents too.

White florals like this are so strange to me. I think they smell good but I’m always paranoid I smell like an aerosol room spray or 1985. My husband and I rarely agree on fragrances. He loves the smell of white florals and he has a simple nose. He really likes this solid perfume and always compliments on it. I have perfumes 20 times the cost of this and he says those stink. What does he know?

Like I said in my video overview of this line, scents will vary from product to product with this line. I’m reviewing the solid. I’m guessing that the spray, candles and body butters smell different than the solid perfume.

This solid retails for $9. It can be purchased at Sephora and

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA sharp jasmine and tuberose with some leafy greens...on a budget. If you want to smell like crisp white florals at an impulse price, here you go.

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