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Pacifica French Lilac Soap Review

Review of Pacifica French Lilac Bar Soap

Weekly Cheap Secret:

Winter has just started,  it’s January 1st, and I’m yearning for spring! I know I’ve got a few long, gray, and cold months ahead, but I can get a bit of spring in my life with Pacifica French Lilac.

What I have learned about Pacifica is that all of their scents smell different in the different products. You like Avalon Juniper solid? Well, it will smell different in the spray, drastically different in the body butter, and different in the bar soap. With Pacifica French Lilac, I think the bar soap smells the strongest of them all! But, it isn’t very different in scent than the solid perfume.

French Lilac in the bar soap form is super heady. This is a strong lilac, heliotrope, and hyacinth scent. It’s heady, powdery, slightly spicy green. French Lilac smells like it’s “purple”. It really does remind me of real lilacs which are quite overwhelming, even in nature! I think this lilac is very well done. It’s simple. It’s fresh and reminds me of spring. Right now, I’m looking out of my window at the bare lilac trees.  Oh, I can’t wait for them to bloom! This bar is fragrant. I’m thinking about buying one and sticking it a lingerie drawer, using it as a fragrant sachet. This bar is fragrant from start to finish! It keeps a strong fragrance throughout use. And it fragrances my entire upstairs.

I like the formula of this bar soap. It’s a bar soap so it isn’t moisturizing, but it hasn’t dried my skin out either. I’ve used shower gels from Bath and Body Works that are more drying than this bar soap. It’s sulfate-free and lathers nicely. I keep it in a soap holder so it doesn’t “melt” quickly. I’ve had it for over a month now and have about 2 more weeks left (my guess). The bar is covered with dried petals and a few petals are mixed in the bar. These petals do not clog the drain or scratch the skin. They are gone by the 3rd use.

Will I purchase again? Yep. I love this stuff. It turns any bath into spring.

Scent is a blend of lilac, ylang ylang, oakmoss, and heliotrope.

This bar soap retails for $5 for a 6 oz. bar. It can be purchased at Pacifica.

I also want to wish you a happy new year! Thank you for reading! Here’s to a wonderful 2011!

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Product picture from Pacifica

15 thoughts on “Pacifica French Lilac Soap Review

  1. I love so many Pacifica scents, but especially Tibetan Mountain Temple, a rich, incense scent. Biggest launch disappointment was Russian Fir. I got it in the candle form, and it had next to zero throw. They had another winter scent that I was disappointed in too, but I can’t remember what it was now. I have Wakiki Pikake in perfume spray and love it, and I’m obsessed with their seasonal Bourbon Island Vanilla candle. Lush!
    Carrie Meredith recently posted..Egyptian Magic Cream- Putting Lord Pharaoh ImHotep AmonRas pride and joy to the test

    1. Tibetan Mountain Incense is wonderful! I love the soap too. The Sandalwood is nice but I only like it in the soap form. I also like the Fig. Actually, I’ve liked them all so far except for the Blood Orange spray, the solid is nice, but the spray is too raspberry.
      I have used a few of the candles b/c my grocery carries them. I can sniff beforehand and I noticed that the LE holiday scents were very weak. I had the gardenia, lemon blossom, fig, and lilac. They have all had some throw (in the glass jar, not the pillar).
      Hope you had a wonderful new year!

    1. I like the Tuscan Blood Orange but NOT in the spray which is a raspberry orange mess, the solid is good.
      I like the line. I think I like them because they are cheap thrills. If they were more expensive, like in the $30-$50 range, I wouldn’t be interested at all! But, for now, they are fun and simple. They are what I call “work friendly”.

    1. I can’t get over how different the spray is from the solid. I have tried the Avalon Juniper too. The solid is beautiful but the spray and the body cream might as well have Victoria’s Secret stamped on it.
      Speaking of Victoria’s Secret, I think the line is a wonderful substitute for such “mall” brands being that they have an affordable price range. I know lots of teens (like my sisters) and “beginning” perfume people wearing the line.

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