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Overview of Anjolie Ayurveda & Soap Review

Anjolie Ayurveda is a body care line created by mother and daughter, Cary and Meryl. The products are handmade in India. All materials and scents are grown on the Anjolie plantation. You can read more about the brand’s philosophy and contributions here or watch the video below.

It’s funny because  I have seen this line in person, but I have never bought a bar. I met Cary and Meryl at the New York International Gift Fair. I was very impressed by their enthusiasm and kindness.  I took the time to smell the line and it finally “clicked” with me. I haven’t paid much attention to them in store for this reason: I’d pick up a pretty, wrapped bar and they didn’t smell very strong to me. At $10 each, I expected to smell something. It ends up that the bars are wrapped in plastic and then covered in a very thick paper. When you have these out of the plastic and paper, they are the most fragrant bars of soap that I have ever smelled. I’m actually happy they are doubled wrapped!

Fragrance isn’t the only thing that these soaps have going for them. The lather is amazing. These are luxurious bars of soap. They are highly fragrant and will leave your skin scented after you’ve rinsed the lather off. So, find a scent that you like.

Seriously, these are the most heavily scented soaps that I have ever used.

Anjolie Ayurveda soaps

Here are the scents that I have tried:

Indian Lotus – I love this scent. It’s a heady lotus with a dash of citrus. When I bathe in this, I feel like Cleopatra. This is one of the most intoxicating, romantic florals that I have ever smelled. I want this as a perfume.

Sweet Lime & Cardamom – You guys know I have a weakness for cardamom so I couldn’t wait to try this one. Sweet Lime & Cardamom is a spicy sweet lime. My husband says it reminds him of Thai food. I get 1960’s old-school masculine. It’s all about perception. This is a good “classic” scent for a guy.

Night Blooming Jasmine Neroli – This is a heady and gorgeous. What I get is that fatty aspect of orange blossom and jasmine. I don’t get too many indoles. I just get that fatty thickness in these florals. I love this soap. The scent is royal, makes me feel like a queen.

Other scents include Sandalwood Saffron, Royal Saffron Almond Milk & Honey, Neem Tulsi, Seven Spice, Rosemary Lavender, Himalayan Cedar Cinnamon, and Lemon Neroli. 

These soaps retail for $10 and are available at Anjolie Ayurveda. Gift boxes filled with either full-size or mini soaps are also available.

*Disclaimer – Samples given to me by the brand. I am not finacially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. I have since bought 3 bars of Indian Lotus.

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    1. I want to try the other stuff in the line. They have a body oil. Because seriously, I do want to anoint myself with their Indian Lotus. It really feeds my Cleopatra Complex.

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