Opus Oils Kitten Perfume Review

Opus Oils Burlesque Kitten

Opus Oils Kitten is described as a floral-citrus aldehyde in the Burlesque Collection. It’s the “if you like Chanel No. 5 then you will like this” fragrance. I agree to some extent. Kitten is playful, exuberant, and classic feeling. But, I find that aldehydes are polarizing in the fragrance world. You either love or hate them. Kitten isn’t polarizing. It’s a middle-ground sparkling citrus floral, a really good fruity-floral. If aldehydes scare you, Kitten won’t. And if you love aldehydes, then you’ll appreciate the retro feel of Kitten.

Kitten opens up as a juicy jasmine floral. I get night-blooming So.Cal. florals with juicy currant and citrus with a retro feel. This isn’t some celeb-o scent fruity-floral trying hard to emulate Hollywood. Opus does a great job of creating perfumes that give me a persona. Wearing them puts me in “character”. Who is Kitten? She’s an attractive and naïve gal trying to make it big in post-WWII Hollywood. She’ll have some b-film roles, never will make it big. She’s being “kept” by some Hollywood big-shot and she is perfectly content with this arrangement. In her mind, it sure beats being a shopgirl or moving back to Small Town, U.S.A. She’s over the “big time” and sick of traveling to Mexico to shoot lame monster flicks that never get shown in the U.S. Her looks, well, that’s really all she has going for her and she knows it. Here thoughts “be young, naive, and flaunt it while you got it.” Enjoy the now. Opus Oils Kitten is this gal, red bikini, lounging by the pool on a hot, sunny Hollywood day.

This picture of pin-up Adele Mara really sums up what Opus Oils Kitten is about:

1940's Adele Mara poolside

Notes listed include pink grapefruit, jasmine, red currant, and orchid.

Give Kitten a try if you like sophisticated fruity-florals or if you like perfumes like Vero Rubj EDP, Mazzolari Carolina, Sage Garnet, Tocca Cleopatra, Annick Goutal Quel Amour!, and yes, even Chanel No. 5 (EDT).

Many sizes are available. The 1/2 ounce parfum retails for $50 at Opus Oils.

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Disclaimer – A sample was provided by Opus. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.

9 thoughts on “Opus Oils Kitten Perfume Review

  1. I agree! The aldehydes are very friendly. Kitten is sparkling and juicy like you described.

    The red current note is lovely – a note I always expect to smell like a Yankee Candle shop. The jasmine has a bit of a “gasoline” edge, which I was happily suprised by. Thumbs up!

    1. Yeah! Glad you like it too!

      Ditto with the red currant note. I thought it would be too home fragrance but it really works. This is sparkling without being obnoxious.

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