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Opus Oils Champagne Roses Tea Review

Opus Oils Champagne Roses Tea

Rose Week 2012

Opus Oils creates more than perfumes! They also have a great range of perfumed tea. I couldn’t think of a better one to talk about for Valentine’s Day than Champagne Roses.

“Roses with absolutes of rose and tuberose.”

What does it look like? Dried rose petals.

What does it smell like? Dried rose petals.

I’ve brewed the rose petals for 4 minutes in boiling water to drink as a tea. It has a citrusy rose flavor that reminds me of drinking a stronger version of rosewater. I’ve also mixed the petals in with loose black tea leaves. The rose petal and black tea is what I prefer. I need the caffeine.

After reading the instructions, I realized that you’re supposed to steep the petals in champagne or wine. Oh. So, I steeped a couple of tea spoons in a glass of sparkling brut. The roses add a nice novelty and perfume the sparkling wine with a rose scent and faint flavor. I highly recommend drinking with a straw like Opus Oils tells you to do. It’s difficult to sip through the floating petals.

It’s fun to have this around. It keeps unlike fresh rose petals and it adds a delicate flavor. And it’s glam.

A 3 oz tin retails for $20 and is available at Opus Oils.

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*Product given me to as as gift from a wonderful friend and fellow perfume blogger. Pic from Opus Oils.