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Opus Oils Birthday Bash & A Fragrance Freebie!

Collaboration is essential to the world of perfume. Without muses, we wouldn’t have half of the classics we still wear today. One of the many things that appeals to me about the indie lines is collaboration. I’ve seen perfumers make scents for indie stores and galleries. I’ve even seen indie perfumers make perfumes inspired by blogging projects. I have to say from my experience that the most diverse and prolific collaborator is Kedra Hart of Opus Oils.

Opus Oils is a nifty perfume line located in Hollywood. The boutique is open by appointment. This time last year, I was able to visit. You quickly forget you are in Hollywood. You’re transported to a “brothel” in old New Orleans. There are no courtesans, just perfumes to sample on your flesh. Kedra’s different collections are there and she does have a few of her collaboration perfumes available in shop (as well as the online shop).

Opus Oils

Today, is Kedra’s birthday (a fellow Taurus, whoop! whoop!) and a few of us bloggers are celebrating by taking a “sniff” of Kedra’s collaborative perfumes.

Satan’s Angelblack gardenia, ginger lily, jasmine, white grapefruit, lychee, oakmoss and labdanum.

This perfume was made for Satan’s Angel, a fire-twirling burlesque star.

This perfume opens with sweet, sexy honey. I get a hint of a coconut gardenia garnished with a lychee. The base is bewitching and mossy. It’s dark and sexy. I recommend it for evening wear. And because of the tropical gardenia, I could see this working on the beach if you want to be the most vampy, goth on the sand.

Eau de Flog – Notes of jasmine, white musk, neroli, peach, sandalwood and amber.

This perfume was made in collaboration with actress Felicia Day for her show “The Flog”.

Opens as a juicy, fruity jasmine with peach schnapps. There’s a crisp neroli over lots of white musk. It really does smell “Hollywood” to me. It’s sunny and bright.

Babylon Noir – Notes of tuberose, peaches, lychee, civet, smoke and leather.

Created for Sheila Eggenberger for her book Quantum Demonology; this perfume is in the Devilscent Perfume Project.

Babylon Noir opens with juicy, dazzling fruits with crackling fireplace. a phantom tuberose wafts by and then you’re left with smoke, civet and a rugged leather. Easily unisex.

Glam Monster – Notes of white grapefruit, pink pepper, agarwood and narcissus. 

Glam Monster is a collab with the fashion brand Donato Style, a line that speaks to the 90’s club kid that I always wish I were. The brand makes bejeweled gas masks. I want one.

Opens with cooling mint and tart grapefruit. I’m surprised to smell a medicinal oud in this but it’s here! And it’s there in a bad of fresh, spring florals. This perfume is all about contrasts (just like the fashion line). Easily unisex.

FYI – For all you Drag Race fans out there, Michelle Visage once tweeted that this is the perfume that she wears.

Rouge Beauty – not listed

This fragrance was created for the boutique, Rouge Beauty. This boutique, located in the French Quarter. After Hurricane Katrina, Kedra surprised the shop owner with this custom made scent to celebrate the future. It’s based on some of Gore Vidal’s scent memories.

Rouge Beauty opens as sweet and tart fruits. There’s a rush of humid florals. It really does smell “red” to me. It dries down to incense and woods.

Mother – Notes of figs, chocolate, roses and woods. 

This perfume was inspired by “The 5th Sacred Thing” a book by Earth activist, STARHAWK. It was featured in Primordial Scents.

This fragrance opens with juicy pineapple and strawberries in champagne. There’s a sweet cedar. Smoky, chocolate rose petals and coconut figs. If you are looking for a chocolate fig, look no further! You can read my full review here. It’s an awesome fragrance.

Wild Child – Dark patchouli, saffron, honey, milk, black currant, tuberose, peach, sandalwood and vanilla.

This perfume was featured in The Summer of Patchouli Love 2011, an awesome collab of indie perfumers creating a perfume with patchouli. You can read about it here. I dubbed Wild Child as a “tropichouli”.

This is one of my favorite Opus Oils perfumes ever. It’s stone fruits, milky white tropical florals with an amazing patchouli. I really like Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, but Wild Child is more bronze goddess than Bronze Goddess. It’s an amazing beach scent.

Star F*cker – Notes of lime, green mandarin, lemon, Italian bergamot, wild orange, orange flower water, lavender Seville, jasmine, sandalwood, Iso-Super E, amber, vetiver, black agar and oakmoss. 

This is a collab with fetish model and hunk, Tiger Powers. This a modern fragrance that isn’t “watered down” like so many on the market. The name is shocking but that’s the point. To paraphrase Tiger, it keeps the spuds away.  I mean, do you really want to smell like your dad? (And if your dad is cool, substitute “dad” for someone lame).

Opens with a crisp citrus and cedar. The lime stands out the most. Smooth, warm (hmm…seems like inappropriate descriptors for such a fragrance….) mixed with a chill lavender. It’s over a rich, “green” base. It’s unisex but I’m telling you, this would be an awesome masculine for those in warmer climates.

Unearthly Beauty – pink grapefruit, ruby red grapefruit, red raspberry, Indian jasmine, French vanilla and tonka bean. 

This one was made for Gretchen Bonaduce, a TV actress, clothing designer and musical artist.

Orange taffy opening. And then it turns into all of the taffies. It’s a sweet gourmand with vanilla and fruits. The tonka in this reminds me of right out of the oven sugar cookies.

Strawberry Passion Green – Martha’s Vineyard Strawberry Essence, pink pepper, white water lily, red mandarin, ivy, rose, tuberose, boronia, strawberry, blackcurrant, peach, green tea, sandalwood, patchouli, beach found ambergris and oakmoss. 

The Strawberry Passion perfumes were made for the Perfume Pharmer.

Green is more like the plants. It reminds me of picking strawberries. It has a greenness with a fruity, spicy pink pepper. The water lily adds a dewiness. It’s a delicate, playful fragrance. Here’s my full review. 

Strawberry Passion Cream – Martha’s Vineyard Strawberry Essence, pink pepper, bergamot, tangerine, boronia, peach, strawberry, raspberry, vanilla, amber, patchouli, beach found ambergris, and sandalwood. 

This is like a creamy strawberry. It isn’t too sweet. It’s creamy. I get the fruits with a delicious amber. Here’s my full review.

Opus Oils Hollywood

Most of these perfumes are available at Opus Oils, if not, you can find a link on the Opus Oils site. Perfumes are available in an oil or alcohol base. And the corresponding bath products are awesome too.


Opus Oils is offering 2 readers of EauMG an 11 piece sample set featuring the perfumes I discussed in this post! Giveaway ends 5/6. Sorry, giveaway is only open to residents in the U.S. that are 18 years or older.

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*Photos are mine.

38 thoughts on “Opus Oils Birthday Bash & A Fragrance Freebie!

  1. I have wanted to try opus oils for so long and these sound amazing. Thanks for the review and giveaway! And happy birthday Kendra!

  2. Eau MG, you had me at Neroli & Jasmine: ‘Eau de Flog’ sounds so amazing! Thank you for your generous draw offer!

  3. I’ve never tried Opus Oils, but I’m so interested. I think the notes sound unique and interesting.

  4. I would have to say “Satan’s Angel”becuz I’ve been in love with oakmoss forever.The addition of labdanum&Black Gardenia sounds luscious:)

  5. Fast fingers happen again. 😳 Tried leaving a comment through the entry screen and totally blew it. Oh well.

    What I really, really really want to try is M’Eau Joe No. 3. I knew…but I love me some good whiskey. I think it would go really well with Babylon Noir-smoke leather civet. Use the fruit to make a whiskey sour. Starf*cker would be good too-looking for a good citrus. and love amber, oakmoss and vetiver. Wonder if black agar is really different from standard aoudwood?

    Thanks for the chance!

    1. I don’t know if black agar vs. oudwood is a semantics thing or what. On my skin, the oud didn’t take over in Starf*cker. It added something but wasn’t the star 😉

      M’Eau Joe and Babylon Noir are both in the same family for sure. M’Eau Joe is boozier BN is fruitier. Both are great.

  6. Hard choices! If i had to pick only one it would have to be Wild Child. I loves me some patchouli swirled with vanilla. mmmm.

    1. It’s sooo good. I tell anyone that loves patchouli to give it a try. I also know of a few people that were patch-haters before trying this one!

  7. Please don’t enter me in the draw (want to give others a chance to discover Opus Oils!), but I wanted to say Hurray for this post, and for Kedra. She’s a talent and such a nice, genuine person.

    1. OK.

      Kedra is a wonderful person. As with anything (music, art, fashion, etc) it truly makes me happy when a brand that I love is ran by somebody with a big heart. I believe with these small brands you can tell! It’s like you smell the kindness 🙂

  8. Babylon Noir sounds like a heartbreaker-though I think all of Kedra Hart’s creations are fascinating! Thank you for the draw.

  9. Happy birthday to Kedra!
    I love the few samples I have tried from Opus Oils. The Wild Child from PLAP was amazing!

  10. I really wanted to try the Strawberry perfumes after you gave them reviews last year. hmm they sounded soo good.

    1. They’re the most sophisticated strawberry that I’ve ever tried! It’s like real strawberries vs. Strawberry Shortcake dolls!

  11. I have been wanting to try these oils and other lemmings keep getting in the way. She sounds like an amazing person, too.
    Thank you for the draw. 🙂

  12. Eau de Flog and Unearthly Beauty sound terrific, but isn’t it always the one that you don’t think you’ll like you end up loving!

  13. I love Opus Oils SO much but, strangely enough, I have never Satan’s Angel. I totally want to be the goth person with a parasol on the beach.

  14. Happy Birthday Kendra,
    I am also a Taurus,very fond of scents and gardens. Thanks for the very generous draw.

  15. Happy birthday!

    Unfamiliar with Opus oils but am intrigued. Especially star f*cker. 🙂

  16. what a wonderful giveaway and a wonderful way to celebrate. I love the notes listed in Mother – they are among my favourites. Wild Child and Star F*cker sound wonderful, as well. Happy Birthday Kendra.

  17. Wow I’ll feel so guilty if I win, but I’ve really heard great things about this line. I’d say Mother is the one I want to try to most, because I’ve read about it several times.. Starf*ucker sounds good too. lol.

    Happy Birthday both of you!

    1. No guilt! Draw is open to all US readers 😉

      It’s a great line. I’m really happy I get to share it with 2 winners.


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