Opus Oils Absintheo Perfume Oil Review

Ray Milland

Absintheo is the “masculine” fragrance in Opus Oils’ Absinthe Collection. This collection consists of a his and hers fragrance made with real wormwood. Why put masculine in quotations? I consider this fragrance very much unisex and a must try for anyone looking for a fruity fig fragrance.

Opus Oils Absintheo perfume

Absintheo opens up as a sweet wormwood pastille and tea leaves. A fruity fig shows up. The fragrance is ripe and fruity with some bitter wormwood and moist tea.  Abintheo is sweet but woodsy in the opening and in the heart. The sandalwood  is beautiful and reminds me of Indian soaps. The dry-down is a sandalwood soap with vanilla sugar – sweet woods. I love the base of this fragrance so.

Notes listed include wisteria, vanilla sugar, absinthe, sandalwood, and fig. PERFUMER – Kedra Hart

Give Ansintheo a try if you like fig fragrances or perfumes like Costamor Sugarwood, Laura Mercier Fresh Fig, Bvlgari Thé Rouge, Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint Germain, Wiggle Nicosia, and/or Marc Jacobs Men. I consider Absintheo completely unisex, leaning more towards the feminine end of the spectrum in my opinion because of the fruit and vanilla.

I’m reviewing the perfume oil. It wears like a perfume oil. It has average projection and longevity. It wears closely to the skin. I recommend this scent for year round “casual” wear but for some reason I really like to wear it in late summer/early fall.

The perfume comes in a few sizes. A small perfume oil retails for $30. I also want you to know that this fragrance also comes in an alcohol base and the 1 oz EDP retails for $50 at Opus Oils.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA fruity fig tea over a smooth sandalwood. I tend to like greener fig “tree” fragrances but it’s nice to wear a fruity fig sometimes. The sandalwood is a nice addition to the fragrance and adds some depth.

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*Disclaimer – Sample supplied by Opus Oils. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Ray Milland photo from Product pic from Opus Oils.

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    1. Strangely, I want to eat the sandalwood base. I don’t think it would be yummy but at the same time, I do.

          1. 😉 I just need to know know where to actually buy the good stuff! In the meantime…I’ll just go ahead and take Ray Milland. He looks yummy too!

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