Olympic Orchids Carolina EDP Perfume Review

Olympic Orchids

I’ve sniffed so many perfumes, so many, and I’m always surprised by this lack of diversity when it comes to “destination inspirations” but I think American indies are changing this. I’ve been to many parts of this country and each place has a distinct aroma. I have so many scent memories associated with different cities and states. Being a Southerner, I’m always surprised by the general lack of “olfactory representation” that the South has in perfume despite all the inspiring aromas: thunderstorms, fireflies, cornbread, sorghum, magnolias, hot peppers, Georgia red clay…

Olympic Orchids is one of the few perfume lines that has a perfume inspired by the South. Carolina is a perfume inspired by the South. My personal experiences with the Carolinas are coastal while Olympic Orchids Carolina is more “lowland Southern” – inland South, a region I’m all too familiar with.

Carolina opens with juicy, ripe stone fruits over sharp, astringent pine needles. It’s not listed and it sure isn’t easy to find in the South anymore (I think there was some sort of disease), but I get mulberries. Ripe, juicy mulberries and Southern pine forests. With time the florals appear. They’re heady and honeyed with on-point Southern humidity. Carolina is sweet and humid. It dries down to this rich, sweet chewing tobacco and cherry pie.

Overall, I really like Carolina and I think Olympic Orchids did a wonderful job giving the impression of the Lowland South in early summer. I mean, it completely reminds me of a time and place so much that it is borderline eerie (but mostly amazing). Since it’s such an “environmental” fragrance to me (based on my personal experiences), I’ve decided that I think I would prefer it as a home fragrance like a candle (but I do know it wouldn’t be as sophisticated in wax form…) Anyway, I can’t recommend this one enough to anyone wanting a “Southern” inspired perfume.


Notes listed include longleaf pines, grassy fields, magnolia, kudzu (you have no idea how happy I am to see this in a note list), honeysuckle, star jasmine, tonka and tobacco. Launched 2010. PERFUMER – Ellen Covey

Give Carolina a try if you like sophisticated sweet scents. Or if you like perfumes like Cartier Delices de Cartier, By Kilian Back to Black, Costamor Tabacca and/or L’Artisan Fou d’Absinthe. And take this list with a grain of salt. Carolina isn’t like any other perfume that I’ve ever sniffed but it is just like a “destination”. I did my best to compare it to perfumes that I know.

Projection and longevity are above average. In fact, I’d be happy to have this as an EDT.

The 1 oz EDP retails for $50 at Olympic Orchids. Travel sizes and samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONMulberry jam, pines and humid, honeyed florals and tobacco. Instant scent memories for me; a beautiful Southern inspired perfume. I love indies so much for thinking outside the box.

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*Sample purchased by me. Logo from Blackbird. Mulberries is a pic from Turkey. I haven’t seen them in forever! We bought these at a market, using our sorry ass Turkish language skills.

6 thoughts on “Olympic Orchids Carolina EDP Perfume Review

  1. I’m so impressed with Olympic Orchids! I ordered a sample pack, but I didn’t get this one, darnit. Actually, of the 6 scents I got, I loved 3 and really disliked 2. Although, i have to try them again. Dislike can morph in something else. But, just the fact that they were so interesting was wonderful.

    1. I’m curious to know which you tried and liked/disliked. I have more samples from OO that I haven’t tried yet. I find the ones that I really like, I really like. The ones that I don’t, well, I don’t but I still find their idea/them interesting. So, I find myself recommending the line frequently because I find them very “indie” and different than other scents that I’ve tried.

      1. I love Dev 1. It is the most wonderful, smokey, truly non floral wood thing going! I wear it at least once week and more in the winter. Even if not everything from this line is something you would wear, many of them are truly beautiful and unique and very affordable and do not get nearly enough play on fragrance blogs! So thank you, Victoria.

        1. Dev. 1 is awesome! You’ve reminded me to pull that sample back out – it’s so good.

          And you’re welcome 🙂

  2. Victoria, Thanks for the great review of Carolina, one of my under-the-radar fragrances! I must have missed the post when it first came out because I just saw it in one of your tweets. After living for 15 years in Durham, NC, I’m all too familiar with kudzu and the constant smell of tobacco in the air. I do miss the thunderstorms, fireflies, and cornbread, though.

    I agree that Carolina might work well in EdT concentration. It makes a good soap, and probably would be well-suited for a candle. One of these days I’ll probably try making candles.

    1. And your experiences can be smelled in Carolina! I mean, just that there is kudzu alone shows that it was created by an insider 😉

      I didn’t realize there is a soap in this. Because, I love the idea of that so much. As far as an EDT, I sometimes wonder if it is me. Like since it reminds me so much of the South that I think of wearing it on humid days and on humid, hot days I want something of an EDT concentration? Regardless it’s a great perfume and I’m happy to see indies giving us what the luxury/designer market can’t.

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