Olfactif Perfume Subscription Program Review & A Fragrance Freebie!


I know that you guys want this. I have gotten asked about this before. I thought about starting something like this myself but hey, I got busy with all my other stuff. Anyways, it’s here because great minds think alike. And I’m so happy that a great mind did this! Olfactif is a monthly perfume subscription program that sends 3 niche or indie perfume samples to your door. Awesome, huh?

Olfactif box
outside box

I was sent an introductory box to review. Here are my impressions:

Packaging: This is the first thing you’re going to notice. The packaging is really fancy. Honestly, I didn’t expect for it to be this nice. I expected 3 samples shoved in a padded envelope. This comes in a matte finish black box with a ribbon “pull”. You will get a card that explains the inspiration for the collection (for April it’s “Vignettes of Spring”). Flip it over and you get the names of the perfumes, the perfumers and the notes listed. The samples are in glass vials with a dabber instead of a spray.


April’s Samples: The samples included in the introductory box included: Sonoma Scent Studio Fig Tree (very figgy), Imaginary Authors The Soft Lawn (very grassy) and L’Artisan Parfumeur Voleur de Roses (dirty rose). Being a fragrance addict, I’ve already tried all of these. However, many perfumistas haven’t. I love that the range includes a niche house and indie/artisanal houses. It really shows the range of niche perfumes available in the U.S. When I first heard about Olfactif, I didn’t know what to expect. Niche isn’t really defined. But, I think they did a good job with curation including both established and new niche.


Pros: You get 3 niche samples sent to you. Let’s face it. It’s overwhelming since there is a new perfume and perfume launched what feels like hourly. This gives you somewhere to start. The selection is unisex and I like this. I feel so many subscription programs target either men or women, not both. You may like the packaging. If you subscribe for a few months, this is a good way to organize your samples. The boxes pull out like “drawers” and you could label and stack them or label them and put them upright like a book on a bookshelf.

See, you could set them up like a real perfume library.

Oh, here’s another pro. If you order a full bottle from the sample set, you will get refunded the $18 of that month’s sample set. That’s a big chunk off the cost of a full-size niche bottle. I mean, this is a huge pro.

Cons: The obvious con is cost. It’s $6 a sample (but the cost of shipping perfume has went up in the US). Some people may not like the packaging because it could come across as excessive. I’m in a city where plastic bags are outlawed. I understand this criticism. The only other con I can think of is that these aren’t a spray. I prefer spray samples but I’ll never refuse one with a dabber.

Oh, and this service is only available in the US for now. That could be a con for you.

You can subscribe to this service at Olfactif. Gift subscriptions are now available. This is a great way to introduce people to the world of niche perfume.

There’s a great interview on Sense of Scent with an interview with Tara Swords, the founder of Olfactif.

Fragrance Freebie! – DRAW IS OVER

Olfactif has generously offered a FREE 3 month subscription to a reader of EauMG! Please enter by following the directions below. I’m sorry but at this time the draw is only open to those that reside in the US that are 18 years or older. Offer ends on the 13th of April! Good luck!

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WINNER HAS BEEN SELECTED via used by Rafflecopter- Congratulations to Karen! I will email you soon!

*Disclaimer – Product provided by Olfactif. I am not financially compensated for my review. My opinions are my own. Pics are mine.

57 thoughts on “Olfactif Perfume Subscription Program Review & A Fragrance Freebie!

  1. What a great idea! I agree with you about the excess packaging and the no spray! As much as I love trying out new scents, I somehow feel I can’t get the whole experience when it’s not a spray! 😕

    1. The more I think about it, I like the packaging because I think it could keep me organized. I’m still trying to figure out how to store samples!

      Sprays are nice. I find with the dappers you have to use a lot to get the same effect as one spray. I’ve noticed that lots of indie samples come with the dappers. They’re cheaper and these brands are indie with a smaller budget. We aren’t dealing with Chanel or Estee Lauder.

      1. What I find fascinating is that there’s actually a line in their FAQ that explains why they use dabbers — the argument is that they’re less wasteful, etc. I’m a spray person myself, too.

  2. I actually really like L’Artisan Parfumeur. And I am all kinds of thrilled there is finally a scent subscription service, to open my eyes to new fragrances I hear about on awesome blogs.

    1. There are quite a few L’Artisans that I really like such as this one featured in this month’s box 🙂

  3. I think my current favorite indie house is Parfumerie Générale. I like the scents, I like the prices (sort of), and I definitely like the looks of the owner.

    1. I really need to try more PG. And yes, the perfumer is good-looking 😉 I met him in January and I’m sure you’ll be delighted to know that he’s one smart cookie with a great personality too.

    1. I LOVE that it includes varying niche. From an established French house to a brand new line from Portland, OR – I think it’s really going to get people to see perfume as art or at least a really fun hobby 🙂

  4. One of my favorite indie houses right now is Imaginary Authors. Love Cobra & the Canary and Memoirs of a Trespasser. So well done and at a great price.

  5. As a budding perfumista, I love the idea of a service like this. I have not sampled any of the ones in April’s box but I do have a 3 ml of fig tree on the way. Sonoma Scent Studio is the first house I chose to explore. I love her scents. I enjoy reading your blog and do so frequently.

    1. I think this service is perfect for people like you!
      Sonoma Scent is an awesome line. There are so many from the house that I’d love a FB of.

  6. What a great idea. I’m a fan of Strange Invisible, some of the first natural perfumes i came across.

    1. I love Fire & Cream! And Black Rosette. She does such a good job with them. AND the shower gels are awesome too.

  7. I’ve been taking my perfume discovery slow, so there are many indies I haven’t tried, but I LURV Sonoma Scent Studio. I wore Voile de Violette when I got married.

  8. I am really new to this but I have found a few scents that I really want from Annick Goutal: eau d’ Hadrien and Eau d’ Camille being at the top of my list.

  9. Would love to try this! I ordered my Sonoma Scent Studio sampler a couple months ago and have enjoyed working my way through many lovely scents.

  10. I’m in love with Olfactif. The only thing that’s making me waver on continuing my subscription is the price. (I’d love to win this, of course!) I’m a poor college kid and this is pushing my budget! But it’s just so darned awesome. Of the three they sent for April, I hated 2/3 upon first sniff (The Soft Lawn was the only one I liked through and through), but once I got them on my skin later in the week, I loved them all. Which to purchase?! I think my heart is still with The Soft Lawn, but I’m still deciding. I’m so glad this exists – I love perfume, but I’m a total idiot about it and am looking forward to trying some things I’ve never heard of, and that aren’t made by Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears or so.

    1. Cost is what caused me to end my beauty subscription programs too. However, at least with this one you do get the $18 refunded if you purchase a full-size which is a great deal if there is something in the box that you like.

  11. I am having so much fun testing my first Olfactif box as well! (Have you seen their FB page? That’s my kitten, Oliver, modeling for me!)
    So far my favorite this month is far and away Soft Lawn. It is so unusual and unlike anything I’ve tried! I can’t wait for next month. Thanks for the great contest!

  12. Great that this is unisex – about time! Pity though that it is available for now only in the US. Your comments about the packaging were spot on because even marketing a sample requires great presentation. 😀

    1. It’s all in start-up mode. We shall see. It would be great if this could go global, but geez, shipping perfume, even samples is so expensive.

  13. I love the subscription idea and I love that each month has a theme. I do think the packaging is excessive, but it’s also fun that it’s so elegant, however, I would much rather have less packaging and larger sprayers.
    My favorite niche house is Sonoma Scent Studio. I’m in love with Tabac Aurea and Sienna Musk.

  14. I subscribed to this new program even though I’m totally into niche and indie perfumers. I hope to get samples of things I still haven’t tried and you always have a little something different to wear when maybe you just want something out of your norm. I love Sonoma Scent Studio. Laurie is my favorite indie line. She’s a very gifted and special person!!

    1. Even when we’re into niche and indie, it’s impossible to keep up! I hope something like this will even expose the vets to stuff they didn’t get around to trying the first go around or the stuff that just launched.

  15. As someone who lives in the boonies, I have zero access to niche or indie perfume lines so this sounds great. it also means I don’t have a favorite among indie/niche lines. I’d love to form one!

    1. I’m so happy that this program exists. It really is difficult to get your hands on some of this stuff.

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