NY NOW Summer 2015 Wrap-up

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Last week I went to NY Now which is a large home, lifestyle and gift trade show. I call it the “Acres of Soy Candles Event” because that’s why I go. I go for the candles.

Let me start out by apologizing for the lack of pictures. My phone’s battery was so low and honestly, when I’m at these things I get so distracted by stuff that I forget to take pictures. Plus, some exhibitors don’t like for photos to be taken.

Here were some highlights:


Joya Prism Candles

Joya had these adorable prism candles and diffusers. In the world of fancy candles, they’re rather affordable at $28 (for candles). The ceramic vessel would make an excellent catch all for jewelry, change, etc. I actually liked Blush the best. It’s a boudoir-ish rose that smells like the color that it is. Charcoal smells like a cedar bonfire. Storm is fig leaves. Sky is fresh and herbal. Bone, I can’t remember. And there was a Red Tea one for holiday that was warm and spicy like Armenian tea.


Joya Katz Egg Cream Candle


It’s not new but I’m obsessed with the Katz Deli collaboration which smells just like egg cream (chocolate syrup). Spoiler alert – I’m buying this as a gift for everyone I know this holiday season.


Thymes Vanilla Ambrette


I stopped by Thymes to try their new fragrances. Goldleaf Gardenia is a pretty in pink floral. It’s sort of Parfums de Rosine-ish, like rose and sheer white florals. Vanilla Ambrette is a musky vanilla with spices. I see this one doing well for them going into the cooler months. It’s comforting and warm.



Jovoy perfumes


I stopped by a few perfume distributors. I think it’s going to become much easier for those in the U.S. to buy Floris (which is good news!). I’m obsessed with Jovoy Sans Un Mot, it’s a gorgeous “French makeup” powdery violet with a benzoin-amber base. I want to spend more time with this and Sombres Dessins and Jus Interdit. I also quickly sniffed the Berdoues Colognes Grands Crus line. They’re sheer and great for daily wear. On my “speed date sniffing”, my favorite was Arz El-Rab, sheer iris and cedar, and Assam of India which reminded me of Southern iced tea with lemon.

I also got to sniff Anat Fritz, Trance Essences, West Third Brand, Royal Apothic and Terveer. Terveer is really interesting because it’s perfume oil but they come in these glamorous refillable bottles. On a side note, I really liked all the perfume distributors that I met. They know their stuff.

Spitfire Girls had a collection of perfumes and candles inspired by ancient Egypt. They were really cool but I don’t see them on their site yet. Keep an eye out for them, especially if you like incense type fragrances.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker candles


Yep, Ted Baker will be launching a home fragrance line with diffusers and candles. They’re inspired by various locations around the globe. The scents were good but really it’s the packaging that’s such a stand out. LOOK AT THAT FLAMINGO ONE! I can’t resist. I know I’ll end up buying a few of these. As far as scents go, I liked New York and London the best. But, I like Miami for the packaging.



Archipelago Black Forest

Being that it’s the summer show, there were a lot of holiday candles. What I noticed is that holiday candles are less “holiday-y” than they used to be. They don’t come in red and green. They come in different vessels like white, silver or purple. And they don’t smell like pine and cinnamon anymore. It’s more about winter as a season instead of the holidays. Like Archipelago Black Forest, it’s amazing. It’s woodsy, smoky and has a fruity leaning Douglas fir needles. Plus, it’s goth as f’uh.


Spinster Sisters Shaving Set


Natural stuff is still a priority. There are a lot of natural skincare, perfumes and home scents. There’s also this increase in that sort of “modern witch” look which is a mix of mysticism and naturals. (Actually noticed a lot of this in my Goth Gift Guide from last year). Old school apothecary, “old timey” is still in (Spinster Sisters Co., Blithe & Bonny, lots of candles in Mason jars usually hand-poured by someone much cooler than me). Men’s grooming market appears to still be growing (Duke Cannon, West Third Brand, Royal Apothic, lots of shaving brands). Oils all popular for skin, hair and perfumes (Terveer, Kuumba Made). So, handmade is still big. Overall, handmade things that smell good are in and I’m down with that.

I left the show wanting to add more Tocca candles to my life. Well, just candles in general. I want more pretty candles in my life. And I want them out and burning while I read books with sheet masks on my face. I need to spend more time trying Jovoy fragrances which means I need to visit MiN NY soon. And I left the show wanting boxes of cutely wrapped soaps like Rancé and Floris. This isn’t really different than my usual state (wanting fancy soaps and candles) but I felt like I was more focused on my wants after leaving NY Now.

So, did any of these things sound interesting to you? It’s hard for me to pick a favorite because honestly, I know I’m forgetting something. But, I think I’m Joya candles and French perfumes.

*Logo from NY Now. Pics are mine except for Jovoy from Fragrantica, candle from Archipelago, men’s grooming from Spinster Sisters.


16 thoughts on “NY NOW Summer 2015 Wrap-up

  1. That sounds fabulous! I’m defintely going to check out a number of there. I’ve been wearing Jovoy’s Sombres Dessins, and it’s definitely in my current top 5 favorite perfumes at the moment.

    1. Now I’m even more interested in Sombres Dessins. I quickly sniffed it and really liked it but now I need to spend more time with it. Sans Un Mot seems like a very “me” perfume in that it has a lot of notes that I always enjoy wearing. Really look forward to trying the others.

  2. I love a good scented candle or two….or three. I hate when they’re super expensive. There’s only so much I’ll pay for a candle. I won’t buy the really pricey ones as gifts either because most of the people I know would have no idea what a generous gift they received. I live in the land of Yankee Candle where most folks think those are the best things out there.

    1. I hate when anything is super expensive 😉 But, I hear you. Many people don’t know how expensive an expensive candle can be. So, yeah, they reference what they know like Yankee Candle or BBW’s home fragrance line. And that’s fine but in the world of scented candles, $20 is “cheap”. It’s all relative.

      As far as “cheaper” candles (under $30, comparable in price to BBW) that I think are still good, I like Votivo, Voluspa and Aura.

      I actually went into a BBW yesterday and sniffed some candles. They aren’t too bad. There was an “Instanbul” one that was a light amber.

  3. It all sounds good to me! Especially the GOTH AF stuff, of course – that Black Forest candle is ridiculously good looking. And I am suddenly obsessed with the Spinster Sisters bath soaps…pretty sure I’ll be picking up something for all of my sisters there. Though, technically, I suppose I am the only one who is a spinster. Heh.

    1. I’m all about the “dark” stuff. And not only does Black Forest look good but it smells amazing. I don’t need anymore candles in my life right now, but I really want that one.

      I love the name “Spinster Sisters”. The line has something for everyone. I’m such a bar soap fiend, can’t wait to try theirs.

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